Polka Dot Peplum + giveaway

Hello!  Today is a good day.  Dana of MADE has released her much-anticipated First Day Dress pattern!


Caroline and I were excited to be testers for this pattern, because… well, duh… it’s Dana– need I say more?  But, for me anyway, her blog was literally the FIRST sewing blog I had ever stumbled upon.  Like, I didn’t even know about you people or your cool sewing blogs, or that this community even existed.  I was googling sewing patterns late one night 4 years ago, and came across her Market Skirt tutorial and then spent the next several hours poring over her beautiful, bright and cheery site.  I was amazed that a person could make these things at home!  Not to go all cheese-fest here, but you could say that she changed my creative life!  Aw….

Onto this GREAT pattern.

There are several options.  I’ll let you hop on over to her site to read all about them, but for my version I chose to sew the peplum top.  I’m pretty sure Caroline is with me here… we are not peplum people.  I have seen them all over the sewing world over the past year, but haven’t jumped on board until now.

Something about my fun little Coco-girl inspired me to give it a whirl.

And I’m so glad I did.

I made a size 2 for my newish two-year old.  Guys, the fit is PERFECT.  I was nervous that this would be to small on her, but as soon as she got it on, I was just doing a crazy dance.  Those little capped sleeves, the adorable swingy peplum skirt, the polka dots… this is a happy project.

I found this great charcoal/silver polka dot fabric at Joann, and snatched up three yards of it.  Luckily, I barely had to use much for this pattern- since I might see a size 6 dress version in my future!  The back closes simply with a single button and elastic loop.  I used one of my favorite buttons from my stash, and I like you could have some fun with a colorful, bold, or special one that you love.

Like I said, there are plenty of options here.  Even when it comes to the lining…you can choose to do a partial lining- just at the bodice, or a full.  I fully-lined mine with some mint voile.  I love the glimpse of color that pokes out when she’s boppin’ around.

Or balancing on her brother’s cute bum.

This pattern is very thorough, with great photos and detailed instructions.  I think it is such a sweet tailored shape, and after making so many dresses with a gathered skirt, this top seemed to come together in a jiff.

I made one particular note to myself that I’ll share with you about this pattern:  while this top really does fit peeeerfectly, it took some care to get off of Corinne without inducing a full on mid-removal arms-stuck meltdown.  If your kiddo is well endowed in the noggin’ department, I’d consider cutting your back slit 1/2″ longer, or cutting the neckline a hair larger.  Just in case y’all.

Now.  Which one of you kind readers would like to win a copy of this pattern?  Okay!  Leave me a comment telling me which option is your favorite, and I’ll randomly pick a winner by the evening of Thursday July 3.

**Giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to #13, Jo!  Hope you enjoy your new pattern!**

And come back soon if you don’t win because sister Caroline (!!!) will be back with a totally different look and another chance to win!

Thanks to Dana for the awesome pattern- it’s obvious to see how much work went into creating this one!

Goodbye and Good Luck!


50 thoughts on “Polka Dot Peplum + giveaway

  1. Love this style! I think I would make it in the dress first for my size 7 granddaughter. Would also be darling in the peplum top with leggings. Soo cute! Would love to win this pattern!!

  2. Hey, I’m participating from Germany!
    I would love to make a swing dress for my daughter!!!
    Greetings from Berlin xx

  3. My favorite is the orange and pink peplum top but I love the blue and white dress also. Would love to make this for my friends 4 yr old.

  4. I love the peplum, too. I’d make one to satisfy me but a dress would be my daughter’s #1 choice! Love the fabric you chose!

  5. I would start with the swing dress,but I think I would make them all before too long! So cute and versatile!

  6. That is lovely! For my little gal I’d probably use the a line version because I think it would transition best from dress to tunic as we change seasons (and grow taller at a super-fast rate). But that swing skirt is hard to resist and your version has me considering a peplum even though I’ll admit to not being much of a peplum person either!

  7. All the versions are beautiful but the swing dress really caught my eye. I would love this pattern for both of my girls, it looks so versatile and Dana’s patterns are always fantastic so I’m sure this one will be too!

  8. Adorable! So cool that you guys were testers for Dana! I am definitely going to be making Louisa a swing dress because she has made it clear that the next thing I sew for her MUST twirl.

  9. This is so cute and so is your little model!! I’m with you on not being a peplum person but I’m really liking your version. I just might give the peplum a try but I will definitely make the original dress. I just love it!

  10. Wow, Erin, I love it! It is just perfect. And I also love Coco’s temporary tattoo! As did your comment about the well-endowed noggin. hahaha! Oh and that button for the closure is so, so awesome.

  11. oops – typo! I mean to say that in addition to loving Coco’s temporary tattoo, I also loved your comment about the well-endowed noggin. 🙂

  12. my granddaughter loves twirl dresses so I would make the swing dress first – love your version of the top – thanks for the chance to win.

  13. that silver dot fabric is fab! i’m really digging on this pattern. i think i might love the swing dress the best, but it’s hard to say. your version is super adorable! 🙂

  14. I love the fabric that you choose for the dress your daughter looks adorable. I would make the swingy top with the front placket.

  15. oh my gosh you are too cute Erin! I’m so happy my blog inspired you long ago to get started sewing, right from your home. Yay! Thank you for sharing that :). And I’m so happy you love the pattern! Your write up is fantastic. And woohoo! for the Peplum wagon :). I was on the fence for a long time too. Thanks again for your help!
    And please don’t pick me 🙂
    haha. Just kidding.
    Not kidding.

  16. oh cute cute cute!! i’ve been on the peplum fence too, but this is so adorable i’m now convinced. i love both dress versions, it would be so hard for me to decide which to sew first! thanks for the giveaway, dude. 😀

  17. I love the fabric and the colour combination you choose (grey with apricot), just perfect 🙂
    I think I would make the swing dress since my girl loves to turn around a lot.

  18. I have been drawn to that pattern! You did a beautiful job with it! I would make an a-line dress first,but maybe you convinced me with your peplum!

  19. I think I’m too late for an entry, but I can’t wait to sew this one up! I la-love your version!!!! The polka dots, swoon. I am definitely drawn to the top version, but the full dress version is so fun too!

  20. What a cute and stylish top you made your daughter. I think I would have to try out all the versions 🙂 I wasn’t sure about peplum tops and then I tried one on myself the other day and it was so flattering and comfortable and I wondered what took me so long, ha! I would love to sew some of these for my daughter, thanks for the chance.

  21. Loving the lining. I’m a sucker for clothes with cute contrast linings. And yes, Dana’s web site is super awesome and you are the one who turned me on to it, so share share share the love!!!

  22. I really like the A line version but know for a fact both my girls would prefer the twirly one! Guess I would just have to make both!

  23. Wow, Dana’s blog was the first I came across too. Only 6 months ago for me and now I am hooked. I just sewed up a couple of the Hummingbird dresses after seeing your versions and am smitten. I would love try the original swing dress. Thanks for the give-away!

  24. I’ve just stumbled across your website! Love it! (and I’ve started following you). I love Dana too! She’s the first blog I found when I started to teach myself how to sew last year. My fav is the Swing Dress for sure! Super super cute – she’s very creative that’s for sure! I love what you do too – can’t wait to see what Caroline does later this week! Thanks for the give-away! Peppi (Sydney, Australia)

  25. She is just the cutest! Dana’s blog was the first I found, as well – no turning back after finding all that happy in one blog, huh?

    Is the giveaway deadline Thursday, or was it July 1st? Just in case… It’s hard to choose, but I think the a-line tank version is my favorite. Maybe it’s just because it’s so appropriate for the season right now, but it just feels so easy to wear and classic to me.

  26. I’m so excited this pattern is out! My favorite is the fully lined swing dress – adorable. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. Definitely a swing dress with the cap sleeves. I’ve been wanting this pattern to come out for so long can’t wait to make one!

  28. While I love the practicality mixed with cuteness of the peplum top, it’s that swing dress that I am so in love with!

  29. Thank you soooo much Erin and Dana!!! So exciting!!! My girls and I are so looking forward to some lovely new tops and dresses 🙂

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