Striped Maxi

The 10-minute maxi.

If you’re a mom to little kids, it’s more like the 22-minute maxi.

Either way, it’s fast.  Why didn’t I make 5 of these at the beginning of Summer?

I followed Sew Caroline’s tutorial and it really does take no time at all.  I did add an extra couple of inches to the length- which was good because after I tried it on, I was able to really get the exact length I wanted by cutting it right across the bottom with my rotary cutter.

 No hemming here!  Boom.  Skirt.

Oh, I also used 1″ elastic in the waistband (instead of 1/2″)… which I think gives a better fit to most elastic-waisted things.

My fabric is a striped bamboo knit from Girl Charlee, though I believe it’s a goner… but there are lots of others to choose from.  It’s really soft, but still substantial enough and stretchy without much curling up.  I love it!

We’re at the beach now, and I decided to be a good blogger and schedule this post for today… I’m probably wearing this baby as we speak, strolling on the boardwalk and picking sand out of my hair.  Surely this skirt will end up balled up in my suitcase (er…laundry basket- anyone else travel by basket?  My husband thinks I’m nuts) but that’s what I like about it- no fuss!


15 thoughts on “Striped Maxi

  1. Oooh…I purchased a few yards in a couple prints to make some maxis! I need to go ahead and just make them! This turned out so cute!

  2. You inspired me! I bought some knit to make one of these tonight! Oh, and we are sooooo related… I always travel by basket. And now Ron does too! 😉

  3. Pei just ordered a new floppy laundry basket from amazon. Once you go basket you never go back. Anyhow, I totally thought you bought this skirt when you were wearing it the other day. How come you don’t say nuthin? Prob cause you don’t want me to feel bad that I can’t sew much. Das okay. you look gooood.

    1. HAHAH…. so funny… “once you go basket you never go back.” hilar! Also, I didn’t mention it that day because that day was not about me!! Get me? XO -e

  4. this is awesome – love that subtle stripe knit. you look so tan and summery! i made myself a maxi last year but i made the yoga waistband too big and it falls down after a couple hours of wear…not so practical. :/

  5. Can I just say, although I love the look on you, and I would probably love a totally comfy outfit such as a knit skirt to the floor…I’m thinking the short-waisted/shorter woman that I am would look ridiculous! I am an a-line, to the knee skirt kind of woman. Any easy breezy, modern, a-line skirt patterns out there?

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