Swiss Dot Babydoll

 Sometimes I buy patterns on impulse and then lose interest on the actual sewing of them. This was one of those patterns.  But then I saw Rachel’s version, and decided to give it a go while ALL.THE.KIDS napped!

This is the Bohemian Babydoll Dress pattern by Elegance and Elelphants.

My first impression as I was sewing it?  Looks like a Geranium, walks like a Geranium! (Did I really need to make another flutter sleeve dress for this kid?  No.  No I did not…)

BUT, I started to really like it more as I sewed- the curved bodice is different and sort of casual.  There is no closure at the back- which I also really liked since it’s so easy to slip on.  Also, it makes it a quicker sew.

I used an airy swiss dot fabric from Joann, and wish I’d bought more of the stuff- it’s light and dreamy.

Two things I noticed about the pattern that I’ll pass on to you: First, the length seemed way too short on Ellery- just looking at the pattern piece, I could see that, so I cut the length to the size 7 while keeping the rest of the pattern a size 6.  I almost wish I had gone a little longer, because it’s definitely cutting it close to too short.

The hem facing is a nice touch, and I think a great way to play around with a contrasting fabric.  I used a floral lawn cotton from ye olde stash.

The other thing, is the finishing of the arm holes.  To finish them, you are supposed to clip the seam allowance of each arm hole separately- the outer bodice and the bodice lining.  Then, you iron in the arm holes, fit them together, and topstitch around the edge.  This was the second pattern I’d made recently that finished them this way (Coco’s peplum, being the first I’d done like this), and I’m just not a fan of this technique- though I did follow her instructions here.  Heidi did add a tutorial a few weeks ago on her blog showing how to finish in a different way (Rae has a great video that demonstrates this- she calls it the “sausage step”!), and I recommend you try that way.  I’m making a second babydoll as we speak, and went that route this time- I much prefer it!

My baby loves it!



11 thoughts on “Swiss Dot Babydoll

  1. Cute! I love seeing new techniques in patterns, but I’m like you, a lot of times, I prefer the way I always do it! I love that last shot! She’s flying!

  2. oh i loooove this! that swiss dot is fantastic. and seriously, it’s like you read my mind on this pattern! thought it looked geranium-esque, but nice to read it is different enough to be worth a try. and also, i haaaate turning under and topstitching curves like armholes, Rae’s sausage step is far preferable to me. thanks for the heads up on that! honest and helpful pattern review. much appreciated.

    1. It just seems like it gives more room for puckering, or a wonky-looking finish, right? The sausage step makes everything look so clean- plus, it’s faster. win win! 🙂 -e

  3. oh i love the swiss dot! and the hem facing! perfectly simple. and thanks so much for the review, i agree with kristin – very much appreciated!

  4. I love this dress – and Ellery looks so grown up! I actually had the same thoughts as well initially- that it looked like the Geranium. But I had been wanting to try a curved bodice and I love the hi-lo hem and altering the Geranium, while doable, is still kind of a pain. The no closures are just an added bonus. I really like this pattern!

    I tried the tutorial on finishing the armholes that different way but I apparently did something wrong because I couldn’t turn it and then my double gauze started to shred. Next time I’ll definitely watch Rae’s video. Thanks! 🙂 Oh and thanks for mentioning my dress. That was very sweet of you! ❤

  5. What a sweet dress! Thanks for all your pattern thoughts. The hem facing and lack of back closure are both interesting so I’ll have to keep this one in mind for next summer. And that swiss dot looks so perfect for summer!

  6. I would love it to! The fabric pairs perfectly with the style of the dress. So pretty! And I think a girl can never have too many flutter-sleeve dresses.

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