Back-to-School Babydoll

School starts on the 20th.  So soon, so soon!! Ellery will be a big first grader this year.

I wonder if she’ll be brave enough to buy lunch sometime.  Last year, she asked if she could buy lunch one day and I said, “Of course! What would you want to buy?”  Thinking she’d say, “pizza!” or “tacos!”


“Trout Treasures.”

My kid wants trout.  In treasure form.

 Let’s talk about this dress.

Once again, it’s the Bohemian Babydoll pattern from Elegance & Elephants.

The fabric is an organic cotton designed by Carolyn Gavin for Windham.  It’s Petite Fleur in Navy, and the contrasting Citron solid for the hem is from the same line.  I kept checking out this print in my fabric closet, imagining it as a dress for the fall, layered with a cardigan and over tights… or, knee socks.  KNEE socks people.  Can we get a straight-up revival?

This is my 5th boho baby dress.

I’ve had a few custom etsy orders since my first, and I can say that I love this pattern now that I’ve decided how I like it.

This is how I like it: I cut my 6 year old a size 6 with the 7 length for the skirt… But, I still felt that this dress was a leeetle too short.  So, when I was sewing the hem facing, I decided not to fold it all the way under, and just stitched in the ditch on the front.  It probably added another 3/4″.  I love this length on Ellery and I will probably make this dress in this way again!  Oh, you know I did the “sausage step” again for the bodice- once you get the hang of it, it’s so much faster and so much cleaner!!

I am really a fan of not having to make buttonholes.  This dress is sweet and simple, and just has an ease about it that I like a whole lot.

I think Ellery will rock this all school-year long… We both love it!

I hope she rocks those knee socks too.

WHILE tearing up some trout treasures.


20 thoughts on “Back-to-School Babydoll

  1. We are totally on board with a knee sock revival. My kid pulls her’s up even if they’re short so we started buying the real deal. I really love this dress, the fabric combo has a vintage feel. Very nice.

  2. oooooo it’s so fall-ish!! makes me jones for the leaves to start turning on this, the hottest day of the year so far in portland. blurg. love them knee socks, too! and what the heck are trout treasures??

  3. love, love this! The added color of hem at the bottom is such a great detail and gives such impact. What an inspired idea! My baby is starting first grade too in a mere 10 days, and this mama is trying to deny that reality. Perhaps if she had a dress like this for the first day, it would soften the blow:) love it with the knee socks too!

  4. Erin, I came to your blog to look at the Bohemian Babydoll dress with the full ruffle sleeve and I just did not remember ever seeing this dress. Well, now I know why – you posted this on the day Hazel was born! I love this dress soooo much! So. much. The tiny floral print. The citron mustard hem facing. The knee socks! I do think they are making a revival, those knee socks. I’ve been seeing them everywhere. This is all around perfect!

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