Peplum for Coco

For the girl who wears nothin’ but hand-me-downs…

A perky peplum!

Using Dana’s First Day Dress pattern, of course.  As stated in my last peplum post, I am not a “peplum person”.

(Quick! say that 5 times fast!)

But I deem this style to be totally adorable and appropriate for small people.  It’s just straight-up cute!  Right??!!

Minus the big wrinkle down the front.  Whoops.

The fabric is Large Flowers in Charcoal by Alison Glass and I think it’s perfect for this top.

Such vibrant color!  A joyful top for my joyful girl.

I lined it in Cotton Couture in gold, which seems to compliment the colors in the print pretty well.

I went up a size this time around, and sewed a 3T.  She wore her polka-dot one the other day and I almost had to call the Fire Department to come with the Jaws of Life to remove it from her.  Oh. My. Gersh.

Just trust me here… if in doubt, go up a size.

This top is fitted, so it does require the kid to put her arms straight up so you can tug it off, which might just be harder for a 2 year old to suffer through for more than 3 seconds without having a full-on panic attack. a-hem.

  Instead of cutting the slit in the back 4 inches, I’d consider cutting up to 5 inches next time around- and my Corinne has a skinny head.  Or, I might cut the neckline out a bit larger.  Dana does have you cut a 5″ slit for the larger sizes, but I think it might be something to consider for the smaller sizes too.

(Note: I really do love this pattern- just giving you the heads up!  Gotta be real.)

Aaaannnd a little vintage button on the back to finish her off.

Next Tuesday, Coco starts preschool two days a week.

She is SO excited to play with the baby dolls and baby strollers- her favorite things in the world right now.

And I will not lie- I am looking forward to some free time.  Strolling (quietly) through the grocery store, getting my ridiculously overgrown hair cut, sewing to the sounds Pandora, and the occasional morning nap are all on my list of things to do.

Now go forth, my people.  Sew the peplum!


22 thoughts on “Peplum for Coco

  1. So cute! I know exactly what you mean about the youngest getting all the hand-me-downs! Now my youngest always ask if what I’m sewing is for “me?” (Her), so I’ve been making many things in two’s , even though hers won’t be worn by a sibling! You ALWAYS have perfect fabric selection! Xoxo

  2. Ah! This fabric is gorge! And compliments the peplum style and little miss blondie so well. I just love it! Still laughing about the jaws of life.

  3. you’re right – this fabric is perfect for the top! so bold and fun. Love it! Enjoy the kid-free respite with Coco in preschool – you have perfect plans to fill the time:)

  4. Haha! Getting stuck in a shirt is definitely more panic-inducing for the 2 year old set, isn’t it? The longer it takes the more they freak out and the more they freak out the longer it takes!! My girl is starting pre-school two mornings a week, too – quiet grocery shopping sounds divine. Or maybe it’s just the “quiet” part. Oh – and the point of my comment…she and this top are so freakin’ cute!! Love it.

  5. haha i think dana’s patterns are the only ones i can actually make in the size my kids wear in RTW – usually i’m sewing a 3 or 4 for my 6 year old (plus length!), but hers fit my skinny kids like a glove! oh man is this peplum cute on Coco, though. the fabric is perfect!

  6. Oh my goodness, how are the babies getting SO big!!?? I love the bold print of this fabric. And I would definitely have to cut that neckline bigger, Lily’s head is pretty hefty! Ha. We get clothes stuck on her head all. the. time.!

  7. Love how this turned out! And I’m with you, I’ve had to cut the neck opening larger on this pattern. I lowered the front neckline a bit love how it turned out! That fabric is perfect!

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