Camper Tee

Grant is all about the loungewear.

When he gets home from preschool, he often throws himself on the couch and demands, “SWEATPAAAAANTS!” (and food).

Kids loves to be comfy.

So I made him a tee in some of the comfiest fabric ever.

This is Birch organic knit and it is so so soft!  Don’t even get me started on the CAMPERS.  How cute is this print?  This fabric was a breeze to sew with- yes, it’s soft, but it’s the perfect weight… my machine loved it!

This shirt fits Grant’s requirements for comfort, and for practicality- he likes long sleeves so he can wipe his nose when he’s having an allergy flare-up as he was during this humid evening.  Ugh, my poor boy.

Stud pose:

He wore this from dinner (and dessert… chocolate ice cream on it already!!), to photoshoot, to bed last night.  I realize it looks a little pajama-ish, so this shirt may make it’s way from day-to-night!  Whateva!

  As I was making this, I kind of wished I’d made a raglan tee instead so I could use a solid for the sleeves.  BUT, I have enough fabric left to make a tee for my nephew, Wes, so maybe I’ll do the raglan for him.

Pattern is the beloved Flashback Skinny Tee from Rae, and I made a size 5.  If you don’t own that pattern, you are a crazy person.

So easy, so fast!

Adios amigos!


20 thoughts on “Camper Tee

  1. Erin, I am sooo impressed with Birch knits! I love them! I made Hazel a newborn gown from Birch fabrics knit collection and I am crazy about it. After quite a lot of washes, it’s still as soft and vibrant as when it was brand new.
    Man, Grant is one handsome kid. He’s gonna be a heartbreaker. 😉

  2. No one’s mentioned the sneaky peek at Grant’s blue nail polish! Am I the only woman that loves a man whose willing to play dress up with his sisters?! And a mama willing to paint those nails!! Love it. Campers are cute, too. Finding affordable, cute, quality knit fabric…truly a sewer of clothes for kid’s biggest challenge.

  3. Very cute tee on a super cute boy – oh man that looks comfy. O is the same way with the comfy clothes – he’s a shorts and tees every day sort of kid. And hee i noticed the nails too! 🙂

  4. Really cute! We have an airstream dealership near us that makes me drool every time I drive by. Love this fabric 🙂

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