Bouquet in Duck Egg Dress

I recently came across a new fabric collection by Alison Glass, called Handcrafted (for Andover fabrics) to be released later this month. I have become completely enamored with this stunning combination of prints and color.  These fabrics are hand-dyed, and hand stamped using the same wax-resistant dying technique that is used in creating traditional batik fabric, though they are so much more modern and vibrant.

Just look:





So pretty, right?

(You can read more about the process and see more photos of the fabrics here on Alison’s blog.)

Anyway, I spent about an hour one morning deciding on a few prints to pre-order because I HAD TO GET ME SOME.  After that, I decided that I would write Alison a little email and let her know how inspired I was by her new line.  I just felt like I needed to profess my love for such unique beauty.  She has such an incredible knack for color and design (You might remember the peplum top that I made Coco– Alison designed that fabric, and I just adore it!).  What can I say, it just speaks to me.

Well, turns out she is just the nicest gal, and really appreciated the email.  She even lives a couple of hours away from me in Virginia (which is for fabric lovers, if you didn’t know).  She asked if I’d like to get my hands on her new line sooner than later, and make something to be displayed in her Quilt Market booth in Houston later this month.

A sewing bloggers dream!

I fell for this particular print (bouquet in duck egg) immediately, and Alison sent me a couple of yards.   I decided to make it into a special dress for Ellery because I just love that girl in blue. This fabric. Oh man, it is just so beautiful!  Light, airy, such rich color.   This shade of blue is so lovely, and it’s just sort of gently splashed these globs of watermelon,  golden yellow, and fire-y orange.  It reminds me of a sunny Fall day.  Hence the autumn props. 😉

I love how the whole Handcrafted line is sort of imperfectly beautiful.

So, for this dress I started with Dana’s First Day Dress pattern (the swing variation in a size 7), and made a few modifications. First, I scooped the front of the neckline out a bit more, maybe about ½”.  I lengthened the bodice by adding about 1 ½” to the bottom so it hits her a little lower on the waist.  I also added a panel in the center of the bodice and followed An’s Improvisational Pleating tutorial– I love how it turned out.

I also drafted some tulip/capped sleeves… I sort of had to wing it, but in the end I preferred having the “tulip” look just at the back instead of up at the center of shoulder.  I like how they look like regular capped sleeves in the front, and then she turns around and there’s a little somethin’ extra going on.

This is the first time that I’ve made my own piping, and it was definitely not as hard as I had anticipated.  I used some gold fabric from Joann, and some ¼” cording.  (p.s. Props to Kristin and Carolyn for the gold trim inspiration!) The vintage button is one from the stash- I love that this pattern closes with a button and elastic loop.  It could not be easier.

This dress is fully lined in Cotton Couture in Graphite- a smoky dark blue that seems to go with just about anything.

I absolutely love the shape of this dress.  I’ve made so many dresses with a gathered skirt, but my current fave is this style… so sweet on the “bigger” little girls.

Ellery was sad when I told her this dress was going on a trip to Texas and that she would need to take it off.

She really seems to love it.

And twirling in it.  Obvi.

Thank you, Alison for the fabric.  It really is amazing stuff!

You can pre-order Handcrafted at several online fabric shops, including ordering from Alison herself:

Alison Glass

Hawthorne Threads

Finch Sewing Studio

You know you want some.


36 thoughts on “Bouquet in Duck Egg Dress

  1. Simply gorgeous! That whole line is simply stunning. I think you perfectly highlighted the fabric you chose! It looks so very sweet on E!

  2. No way!!!! This is amazing! I love the dress and it is going to look amazing at Quilt Market! Great work! Also cool that Alison lives in VA 🙂

  3. Wowee this is gorgeous! And amazingly kind that you were sent the fabric early to play with…and then to display at quilt market! I love every part of the dress!

  4. Just thought you’d throw in a pleated panel in the front? and some tulip sleeves with homemade piping? !! Love the fact that you are fearlessly improv your sewing. Your creation is beautiful. Make sure Alison takes lots of pictures at the Houston Quilt Market!! It’d be fun to see your dress stealing the show! 🙂

  5. Hand dyed and hand stamped fabric? Pure awesomeness! I need to get my hands on some of this wonderful fabric! Congrats to you on your fabric score, connecting with Allison AND on having this beautiful dress featured at the Quilt Market! Super exciting, and this dress definitely plays up the beauty of the fabric. Love your pattern modifications – this is gorgeous!

    1. YES- get your hands on some. I ordered the plus print (the orange/cream one), and the bluish geese print. Cannot wait to play with them! Thanks for your sweet comment.

  6. The sleeves are darling and its a lovely shade of blue. I think this is one of those lines that need to be seen in person to appreciate the details. I’m excited to see.

  7. This dress! The fabric is gorgeous and I love the pleating down the middle and the little sleeves, not to mention the twirly skirt! You really a knocked it out of the park with this one!

  8. ahhhhhhh it’s glorious. i’ve been seeing sneak peeks of this line on alison’s instagram and have fallen hard for it too. the dress design is perfect! how exciting you’ll “be at quilt market!” that dark blue inside, too…perfection. as is the piping. really good, e, really good.

  9. I do want some! This fabric is gorgeous. And paired with the pleating and circle skirt–it’s just perfect! And of course, I love the vintage button.

  10. Great fabric, very cool gold detail, adorable daughter, and an inspiring designer behind it all… beautiful work Erin! And I love the wreath you and Caroline made in the back 😉

  11. So beautiful!! Everything about this dress is completely gorgeous. Love all of the details! It looks effortless and lovely on your daughter. Eek, I can’t get enough of this dress!

  12. This is just stunning, you have taken a beautiful fabric from an amazing collection and made something truly special with it. That blue is so perfect for your daughter’s eyes.Congratulations on having your work at quilt market.

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