Sunday Picnic Dress

Well, hey there!

I’m so happy that Suz invited me along on the Sunday Picnic dress blog tour– she is one of the sweetest gals I’ve never met, and I’m such a fan of everything she does!


I fell in love with her Little Debbie dress pattern long ago (both of the ones I made were heavy rotators in my girls’ wardrobes), it’s a great pattern so I knew her newest baby would likely be as well.


The Sunday Picnic Dress is a clean design, with clever details like the crossover neckline and the curved pockets, and an optional pointed collar.

 I chose the most basic options here- sleeveless and collar-less.  I wanted to make something for Corinne that could be layered over a tee for extra comfort and warmth now that it’s getting chilly.

I followed Suz’s chart to determine which size to make 2 1/2 year old Coco- she’s long and lean.  A size 2 was the perfect choice.  Fits like a glove.

(p.s. this pattern goes from size 12 months to 10 years! patterns with a wide size range always win me over.)

The fabric is yarn-dyed Essex linen in black, I got all technical and made my own piping using this lovely stuff, and added some leather buttons.  The sweet trim is from Joann’s.

It had me at, “Hey, girl. Buy me, STAT!”

I was originally going to sew it to the bottom of the dress, but decided it’d sort of break it up a bit if I put it at the bodice/skirt seam.

Coco would like to take this party outside.  Cool?

Our new neighbors just put up a big wooden fence.  Soon, they’re bringing their horses in and a couple of cows, including a new calf!  I love animals and have already asked if it’s okay that we visit them with carrots and apples.  Maybe I can bribe them to be in my next blog photoshoot?

My only problem with sewing this dress was the zipper.  I failed to read in detail about which type of zipper to buy, so I just grabbed a couple at the store.  Not the invisible kind.  Whoops.  So unfortunately, I was unable to follow Suz’s (clear and detailed from what I could tell) invisible zip instructions.  Instead, I made my way through a few random regular zipper installation tutorials online.  It’s functional, but not perfect-looking on the inside.

(fact: this is a my first zipper EVER.  so, I shan’t be too hard on meeself.)

Those pockets… my fave!  Hers too.

I hope you’ll check out this adorable pattern.  Like the other Sewpony Vintage patterns, each step contains a photo which is why I love most PDF patterns.  Good for people like me who do better with a visual.

Thank you, Suz for sending it my way!


For the duration of the tour, you can buy the Sunday Picnic Dress pattern at a discounted price in the Sewpony Vintage shop– use code SUNDAYTOUR15 for 15% off.

You can also visit the other lovely dresses on the tour today by clicking on their links below.  They’re all so great!

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Thanks for stopping by!


18 thoughts on “Sunday Picnic Dress

  1. Love all your fabric/trim combos!! You are so good. Except…um…she looks way old in these shots. Stop that. 🙂 It made me happy to know this is your first zipper! I still haven’t made one. Eeep!

  2. Adorable! I want one in my size.
    Zippers can be a challenge – I avoid them like the plague, but the last few times I’ve done one, it went quite well. I can’t remember where I learned the trick of using scotch tape instead of pins to help keep it in place while sewing it in. (Although truth, I use both). I’ve also been known to baste it in first, then go back with my final stitch. As long as a zipper looks good on the outside, you’re golden.

    1. I did use the scotch tape method- which was great! I couldn’t find a tutorial with pictures to put a zip in a dress with a lining… I think that’s where I screwed up a bit. But you’re right, as long as it works and looks good from the outside! 🙂

  3. Woah first zipper ever?? It looks great from here! Weird thing is, invisible zippers seem scarier but I actually think they’re easier to put in. Love that you made this into more of a jumper than a dress, it’s awesomely fallish!

  4. First zipper!?!? You will be a pro in no time. O+S patterns have great zipper instructions, in my opinion. The school photo dress taught me to do invisibles. This jumper is almost as adorable as its model. Love the piping!

  5. I’m with Kristin! I love this as a jumper. It’s awesome! I would have never thought of that! And your trims were all perfect! I love this so much!

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