Plaid Raglan

There’s a great thing over at the blog, Crafterhours called the Friday Fiver.  Every Friday, they offer a $5 deal on an indie sewing pattern, good only for that day. I’ve taken advantage of a few of the deals over the past few months- Noodlehead’s divided basket, LBG Studio’s Aster Cardigan, and most recently the Lane Raglan by Hey June.

All are patterns that I’ve had floating around in my mental “patterns-to-get” list– I just needed a reminder about them (in the form of a one-day only $5 deal).  😉

Oh, and I apologize to Lane Raglans everywhere for being awkward.  It’s not the shirt’s fault.

Do I look like I’m going on a camping trip?  Cool.  That’s what I was going for.  Someone give me a thermos and a stick with a hot dog on it!

So, anyway I cut my pattern right between the M and L lines, but followed the L for length on all the pieces, and the fit seems great.

Hey June designer, Adrianna (who also happens to be one half of the Crafterhours duo) has great tips for sewing the neckband and mine seemed to come out pretty good, BUT… I totally messed up and started sewing it at the wrong point- which means my neckband seam is on the front of my shirt- not the back.  My bad.  Luckily, you people can’t tell in these pics… but in real life, if you look close enough, I’m totally the girl with the homemade shirt.  Trust me. It’s kinda obvious.

My main fabric is this vintage tartan plaid knit from Girl Charlee, It’s so fun- I *might* have enough to make a matchy matchy one for a kiddo or two.  The cream knit is really great stuff, bought locally from Les Fabriques, and the Navy spandex knit for the cuffs (also from Girl Charlee).

 I decided not to add the waistband piece, and instead lengthened the shirt a couple of inches- I had intended to hem this, but once I tried it on it seemed just right so I left it raw.  Tall Girl Problems, as usual!

I think this is a really great pattern to have in your stash- it comes together so fast!  You could change it up by making it in all one fabric, or playing around by mixing some prints together.

I really love Sabra’s version made from French terry- so cozy!  And this one from Ashleigh…Love!

Alrighty y’all, thanks for reading!

I’m off to pitch my tent now.


15 thoughts on “Plaid Raglan

  1. I LOVE it! When I saw the sewing process of this on Instagram, I did a double take with a kind of…huh? Is this mine? ha!!! Not that I have any of that lovely fabric, I just loved it. Perfect for the season… You are my sewing girl crush, for sure.

  2. You guys looks so awesome together! I actually have plans to make a raglan tshirt for myself – my first project for myself in a very very long time. I had hoped to get started on it this weekend – but my printer was broken. I will definitely check out this pattern. It looks great on you!

  3. I love your “tall girl problems” statement! Being 5′ 10 1/2″ myself (I only use the half with other tall people, I run into the same problems! I love how the jeans trend is really long- so now they fit us tall people better 🙂 ps. You are so beautiful! Xoxo

    1. Hey Grayson! Yeah, I think knit fabric is a must for this type of shirt. Grant steadied the camera on a tippy table outside for us and we switched off taking turns with the remote! =)

  4. HI ! I just found your blog and I love it!! I love your style and your photos! that raglan tee is fab! I would never have thought of plaid fabric. I also realize we both take photos of kids on our bed!!:)

    1. Oh you’re so sweet! Thank you- do you have a blog? I clicked on ya, but didn’t get anywhere…. Anyway, yes the bed photos are often the best in my house- specifically my oldest’s bed seems to get the best natural light! 🙂 E

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