A Flannel Voila Blouse

Heeeello friends!

I’m back today with a project for me.  This is the Voila blouse by Cali Faye Collection.

This is the second voila that I’ve made.  I took pictures of the other one as well, but I’ll save it for another post so I don’t inundate you with my awkwardness all at once…tee hee.

Anyway, this version is my favorite of the two- which ended up surprising me because it’s flannel and I had no clue how it would hang in this style.  But, it is THE COMFIEST. And, it just kind of goes with my winter wardrobe (a.k.a. jeans + cardigans + runny noses).

I cut my pattern between the M and L lines, which is generally what I’ve been doing when sewing for me.  The bodice fits great- most importantly, it feels perfect around my arms and chest…it doesn’t pull tight when I reach for things, or when I’m bending down to get something.  Really, it’s just a nice, forgiving fit.

Now, the skirt piece.

Holy lotsa fabric! Would you believe me when I say I narrowed these by cutting 8 inches from the front piece, and 8 inches from the back? Can you picture this with 16 more inches of width?!?!! I know!  It’s nuts… I’m not sure there is a perfect fabric out there that would look okay with all that width.  Luckily, the flannel isn’t all that billowy, but I think you should also consider narrowing the skirt pieces significantly, regardless of your fabric choice if you happen make this pattern.

Oh, and I did lengthen this because I lengthen everything.

I purchased this flannel locally at Les Fabriques, and it was a no-namer.  I liked the thin yellow lines running through, and I happened to have a yellow gauze shirt in the same shade, so I hacked up for the bodice lining.

I love how the neckline is wider at the back.  Thank you, old self for not tattooing anything scary back there!

So, I would definitely recommend this pattern to a beginner.  It’s really an easy sew.  However, the directions are a bit sparse.  No one is telling you to press anything or finish a seam, so you just have to use your common sewing sense- no biggie, but I could see how that could bother some of you type-A’s out there.

I’ll be back soon with another Voila (hint: first ever double gauze!).



19 thoughts on “A Flannel Voila Blouse

  1. I love that you can see the teeniest sliver of yellow along the neckline, especially in the back. Almost like piping, but probably much easier!

  2. Sorry I’m late to comment on this one. Is there still time to share my favorite line: “I’ll save it for another post so I don’t inundate you with my awkwardness all at once…”

  3. Wow, this top looks fab! I’ve pondered this pattern quite a few times, but was a bit put off by reports of crazy sizing. If it’s just the width of the skirt piece that needs altering, that doesn’t sound too bad. Looks great on you Erin 🙂

    1. Thanks Renee! Yeah, I think the skirt piece is just ridiculously large… Maybe in some silkier, drapey fabric it’d work? But, if you want something wearable day-to-day, I’d definitely cut several inches off! 🙂 -E

  4. You are gorgeous! I love the look of this top, and I’ve seen different versions that are HUGE. Everyone always takes something in, but not enough. 16 inches total…whoa. It turned out perfect, though, love the fabric!! And your necklace. And the deep back is so pretty, so yeah, good call on the tattoo thing.

  5. You know, I tried to zoom in to see if it was your name and I couldn’t! And I was trying because a friend came over the other day and cleaned and reorganized my kitchen (seriously). Then she started vacuuming inbetween the planks on our floor, and she sucked up a necklace my Dad gave me years ago that is just like that one. I haven’t taken it off since! We are twins, I tell ya.

  6. Super pretty!! Smart call reducing the width there, it looks perfect. Love that low back and hilarious about the tattoo thing…I knew so many gals that rushed out on their 18th birthdays to get weird little animals/sunshines/chinese characters on their shoulders/backs. so glad i didn’t do it either – though my parents probably would’ve kicked me out if i had. ha.

  7. Great top and I had to laugh about the tattoo thing. After I had Indigo I totally wanted a tattoo in the middle of my upper back. My husband has tattoo, which I love, but they are not for me personally and I am glad I resisted the impulse and dyed my hair red instead!

  8. I love this! I’ve been looking for a nice short sleeve top to make with some flannel I have and it looks like this is going to be the winner! Too bad I didn’t pay attention when you posted this back in January or I would have gotten more winter use out of it but that is ok, spring is still cold here!

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