Valentine’s Day Skaters

Erin and I are both married to chefs.  Strange, I know.  We also look alike, sound alike, and drive gold minivans.  Oh, and then there’s this sewing blog we share too, but you already know about that ;).  Anyway, Erin and I find ourselves husbandless on most weekends, and certain holidays, like V-day, so we team up a lot.  Today we tried to go rollerskating about 30 minutes away, in “a town that time has forgotten”, and we FAILED.  The rink has been closed for 2 years.  Erin was all, “I think they have matinee prices on Saturdays, like $4 a person.”  Um, maybe that’s why they were forced to CLOSE THEIR DOORS FOREVER!  Two years ago!  The kids were not happy.

So there we were in Random-ville with nothing to do.  We wandered into a couple stores, raised some proper six-kids-in-tow hell, grabbed a pizza and got heck out of dodge.  As we pulled out of the parking lot, and Avery broke her dollar store slappy-hand, she declared, “this is the worst day ever”.

Oh well, you can’t win em all.

Let’s see, how does this story relate?  Well, I made a Valentine’s skater dress for Avery!  So, there ya go.

7-feb blog 2015 030

She really loves it!  It’s made from some ultra stretchy knit that I picked up at the Michael Levine wholesale store in Los Angeles last year, for 2 dollars a pound!  That place is fun, and nuts.

3-feb blog 2015 018

I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t my favorite to sew with.  The stripes are tough to match up with the fabric being super stretchy.  But I had fun with it anyway.  I’m not sure if you can tell that the gold stripes are sparkly?  Scoring points with the little girl!  I had some scraps of an old, sparkly-gold, sweater that matched up well for the cuffs and neckline.

8-feb blog 2015 032

 I cut a scrappy head-wrap for myself, but Avery claimed it.  Looks better on her anyway.

I have so much love for MY FUNNY VALENTINE.

5-feb blog 2015 025

While I had the pattern cut out in a size six, I busted out another skater for a special friend of Wes’…

2-feb blog 2015 006

This one was sent off to the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia, where Daphne is staying during her treatment.  We love her!  She was like a substitute Avery for Wes and when we all stayed there together.  Please pray for her cure!

This fabric was MUCH nicer to work with.  It’s from Girl Charlee.  If they don’t have it anymore, there are lots of other cool knits there.  This one was also well complimented by the gold sweater remnants.  You can see that I attempted to put a size tag in, but was totally off center with it.  Phooey.

1-feb blog 2015 007

I hope all of your Valentine’s dreams came true today.  But, if they were shattered like ours, well, I hope that you can laugh about it!

9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Skaters

  1. I’m not sure which I love more on this blog–the storytelling, the clothes, or the adorable kids. Or the fact that you guys both drive gold minivans. Happy V Day!

  2. Caro – I love this dress and it looks so comfy! And can we talk about how cute and big Avery is?! As always, you are so amazing. I bet that Wes’ bud a “Mocca Donald” was thrilled with her dress. Go glad you got back to your machine. I bet it felt good!

  3. I bought one of those slappy dollar store hands too. It also broke in like two-point-two seconds. Junk I tell ya. I love these pictures of Avery, she’s so photogenic! All y’all are. Seriously! Great little dresses. 🙂

  4. I’ve had those motherhood fail moments- they tend to come back as funny memories, not nearly as awful as you think they might be. Your kids being young helps. In fact, I just realized I have blacked out a similar memory. So there.

  5. If you’ve been closed for 2 years, you MIGHT want to take down your website. Just sayin’. At least Waynesboro has good pizza.

    (love the dresses- but I LOVE that girl’s face!)

  6. Ok this was hilarious, adorable, and so full of talent. And can I just say i’m so glad you’re finding time to sew. avery is so beautiful- just like her momma!

  7. such a great post. love the real life stories! we’ve all been there, so it’s fun to laugh along with you (are you able to laugh yet?!) Those skater dresses are fantastic! And love that you’re sharing one with Wes’ friend – such a kind heart you have.

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