Double Gauze Voila

A month ago, I blogged this flannel Voila blouse.  I wear that one often- it’s so comfortable!

But, this plum double gauze version is the one I made first.

Sweet sister Caroline insisted I give her ALL of my kids on my birthday (a.k.a. New Year’s Eve), so I could have a day to myself.  SO nice, right?!  So, I dropped my kids off with her in a parking lot sometime after 9 am, came home and sewed this shirt before grabbing a delicious pizza-and-prosecco lunch with my main squeeze, then meeting for coffee with my buddy, Taylor (who always reads this blog even though she doesn’t sew and claims to have “baby seals for thumbs”.  Shout-out to you, T-bone!), and then back to Caroline’s house for dinner and birthday cake.

It really was the perfect day.

And while I don’t wear this one quite as much as the flannel one, I still like it a lot.  I learned a couple of things making this one, and applied those to the second.  Mainly, on the flannel one I cut my skirt pieces smaller by about a third- I think the reason I’m not totally in love here is because it’s still just a bit too wide, even though I chopped a few inches off… maybe 5 on each panel?

  I’m all for flow-y, but 1st triemester? Not so much.  I mean, unless there’s a real baby in there. 😉

This is my first time sewing with double gauze.  I GET IT, FRIENDS.  IT’S THE SHIT. I mean, when it first came in the mail, I was like, eh… I guess it’s nice.  But once I washed it up, I could see why it’s a favorite material for many.  It’s like wearing a fluffy cloud that just gets softer and more cloud-like the more you wash it.

 I purchased mine from the Imagine Gnats shop during a 20% off sale- I don’t see the plum colorway anymore, but Rachael has several more to choose from, and she often has great little sales.

Anyway, I do still recommend the Voila pattern… just be careful about that skirt piece width or you might end up looking like you’re carrying quintuplets.



17 thoughts on “Double Gauze Voila

  1. This is lovely Erin. I always have like the way you write and your creations. I haven’t attempt to sew with double gauze yet, but very deep inside my heart I would love to do it. I should give it a go soon I guess.

  2. Okay, I just compared this one and the flannel. I love them both. If it weren’t for that one pic up there, I wouldn’t guess how, ermmm, flowy it is. But yeah, that would have people thinking I was preggo for sure. Heh. This is such a pretty color, I wish I had snapped some up. It’s most-definitely the shit.

  3. This is really cute! But I see what you mean about the billow factor. Double gauze might contribute too since it doesn’t drape like some fabrics. Regardless, double gauze is, indeed, the shit

  4. It’s so cute and I’ve been meaning to tell you so for over a week! But wait, what’s the winking emoji for after the “unless there’s a real baby in there” comment? Hmmmmmm……

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