Two Lulu Dresses

I’ve had some people say to me, “your kids must have a TON of clothes since you sew…”

Um, not the case at all!

Here’s my problem:

I talk myself out of buying things all the time because I sew.  Sometimes I look at my sweet children and the rags they are dressed in, and just shake my head.  I see a cute shirt at store and contemplate buying it until I see the price- I then say to myself ‘pah… I can just make it.’

Shirt never gets made.  Kid keeps on growing.

It’s just not a good system.

I decided to bust out a couple of staples this week to tie Ellery over until the next growth spurt.  The Lulu dress is a fantastic wardrobe addition.

This is a pattern by Jess of Craftiness is Not Optional. It’s a fairly easy sew- I think a great beginner pattern, especially if you’re new to sewing with knits.  Jess has great tips, and there are also several options to play around with. This one here is the pretty basic capped-sleeve version (size 7) made with a burgundy interlock from Joann’s, and grey and coral floral knit from Girl Charlee.

I love the waistband of this dress.  A casing is formed when you attach the bodice to the skirt, and you thread some elastic through to gently cinch this area together.  Brillz.

Another great feature of this pattern is that the skirt can be made from knit OR woven fabric.  This next version here is my favorite- long sleeves!

Since there isn’t a long sleeve option for the Lulu, I used the sleeve pattern piece from my Skater dress pattern and widened it a bit at the shoulder cap so I could gather it into puffed sleeves.  Eh, it kinda worked.

Anyone know of a good puffed-sleeve tutorial out there?

On this Lulu, I used Kaufman Laguna knit in cloud for the bodice, and some nice lightweight chambray for the skirt.

I added a pocket and the tie at the front- both options that Jess includes in the pattern.

Oh, one thing I wanted to mention is the length of this dress- I almost always add an inch or so to my girls’ dresses.  The Lulu is just perfect the way it is.  I love the length, and I just feel like she’ll get more wear out of it.

We loves it!



22 thoughts on “Two Lulu Dresses

  1. Um, yes…I do this SAME THING. I’ll make their clothes, so then I don’t buy clothes, and then I’m scrambling to wash clothes midway through the week lest they run out of clean pants. I told my son to go grab a pair out of the hamper this week. I kid you not. Oops. I haven’t seen this pattern, it’s cute! I love that GC fabric, and the white/blue/yellow combo on the other dress gets me! ( And the first non-pdf pattern I ever made had this same method for a cinched waist, I thought it was so clever! )

  2. Oh E… she’s wearing dangle earrings, she’s getting older right before our blogging eyes 😉 I totally don’t buy clothes either cause “I can make that” but then it takes months to implement 😦 good work momma 🙂

  3. Bathing kids every day and washing clothes after every wear…optional. Give them both the mama eyeball/sniff test because mama sanity = time to craft/knit/sew…which are not optional.
    Love the tie in front…

  4. ha! story of my life. my kids seem especially deprived of basic t-shirts, leggings, and pajamas; i have lately taken to stocking up on those at old navy just to take that pressure off myself. 😉 i love both lulu dresses; so easy to wear and cute!!

  5. My kids don’t suffer too much from this problem as one only seems to grow upwards- so things just get shorter rather than stop fitting, and the other one gets plenty of hand me downs to fill the gaps. But my wardrobe would really benefit from me actually buying a shirt or two.. Cute dresses – love the mustard pocket and chambray skirt colour combo.

  6. i go through the same exact thing at Old Navy and Target usually. (inner dialogue: but it’s so cheap and the print is cute….but I could also make it…and I have a ton of knit fabric at home….) then I don’t buy it…and never make it either. haha! I adore both of your Lulus! I love it in a long sleeve.

  7. Gah! Erin, we are living parallel lives. But in my case it’s poor Indigo that hardly has any clothes at all. I am so much more inspired to sew the 3-6 year range. She’s almost 8 and super tall and lanky – so sewing for her is almost like sewing for myself – she’s outgrowing those little kids styles in favor of more adult looking clothing. I’m having a little trouble adapting. ha! These dresses are awesome!

  8. oh, that’s such good Lulu’s ….and I can’t stop laughing about your system, you are right….not a good system 😉 and I can totally show you how to make a puff sleeve 🙂

  9. Oh, I love them both!! That floral knit skirt looks fantastic, and I”m also loving it in the chambray. How’s a girl to choose? Why, do both – as you did! And the addition of the pocket is so sweet, and adds a fun detail. Thanks so sharing these both!

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