Bird Dress

Coco is very “3” lately.

Which is fine now because she actually is three.  But, a few months ago when I took these pics, I remember just seeing it coming at me like a train.  My agreeable, cuddly, smiley 2 year old was ch-ch-ch-ch-changing…

Now, whiny, clingy, shockingly inappropriate, wild, goofy, opinionated (MUST WEAR SOCKS AT ALL TIMES AND IF THEY COME OFF THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY), sweet, sassy, and sensitive- somehow all appear now within the same 10- minute period.

She likes to steal my iphone and run from me while asking Siri if she poops on the potty, to which Siri often replies:

“This is about you, not me.”

I honestly cannot keep a straight face- she does things Ellery would never dream of.  Ellery (almost7) still says that she heard Grant say the “S-word”.  At 2, Coco was slinging the word “Stupid” around like nobody’s business.



  I’m convinced that the third child (a-hem, I’m one too) gets the crazy genes.

Anyway, this dress is not for Coco- she’s not really into dresses at the mo.  But I had this sweet metallic bird fabric to use up, so I made this dress anyway.  I ended up giving it to a good friend’s sister with a little girl Coco’s age.

STATS: Bohemian Babydoll, size 3, main fabric is Flight in Mint by Violet Craft, lining fabric is Cotton Couture in Orchid.

I love this kid so much.  I really see myself in her- I’m sure my  mother would agree!


19 thoughts on “Bird Dress

  1. Beautiful!!! she looks so cute in the dress. The fabric is to dye for, I bet the new owner is happy!. About the no dresses policy, my daughter was all trousers and running away from dresses until her 4th birthday. From then on, she only wants dresses!

  2. I feel you. My second turns three next month, and she’s been hurdling toward crazy for a while now. Poor babes can’t help themselves. Coco’s questions posed to Siri sound oddly familiar . . .
    This dress is so gorgeous . . . my little fashion expert probably wouldn’t wear it either. For her, it’s a tiger t-shirt and polka dot shirt all the time 🙂

  3. Sewing question…how do you add your skirt lining? Do you put main and lining fabric together, then baste and gather together, then attach to top of dress?

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