KCW: mini hudson pants

Oh, I wanted these pants to work out.

Grant is my easy-going lounger after-all.

“But Mom, they look like leggings.”

Yes.  But, they’re spider-man colors, dude!

Oye.  I will be shocked if he ever puts these on again.  He took them off as soon as I said “here’s your marshmallow.”

 It’s too bad, because I love these on him!

They’re the Mini Hudson pants by True Bias. But, you already knew that because until now, everyone has made these but me!

I made a size 5, probably should’ve just made a 6 (he’s an average brand new 5 year old).  I mean, I can see that the ankle cuffs could feel like wearing leggings a little bit.

The pattern is really great though- I have 2 more pairs cut out and ready to go for the girls.  I envisioned myself at the end of the week just tossing mini hudsons into the air and yelling, “YOU get a pair! YOU get a pair! YOU get a pair!” a la Oprah and her car keys.

The main navy fabric is a cotton/lycra blend bought locally at Les Fabriques here in Charlottesville. The gray rib knit is from Joann and I love having it on hand for cuffs and things.

I had a hard time making buttonholes, so I just tacked on a long strip of red knit for a tie.

Oh well.  He likes the pockets.

Stud pose:

I shall see you back soon with some girlie versions!

Good luck with your KCW sewing this week.  May magical fairies clean your house, fold the laundry, play with your kids, and make healthy dinners for you so you can bust some awesome stuff out!


8 thoughts on “KCW: mini hudson pants

  1. Really great colour combo! he looks very cute!!! I can understand that feeling of excitement about a garment I really want to make and my daughter ended not like it 😦

  2. Aw man! He’s pretty young to know they could resemble leggings! Clever boy! Ok, I’m laughing about the tucked in shirt. Remember how kids’ parents used to tuck in their pj shirts to the pants and then hike the pants up really high? Aw, but he’s so cute. And I think the pants are awesome – plus I love reading your posts because they always make me laugh!

  3. these are too cute to be rejected!!! hmmmmmm i wonder if he’ll come around to them. hudsons are the comfiest pants around. maybe peer pressure from his sisters will work…?

  4. Oh but those are so cute! After reading this I went ahead and bought this pattern for my son. I need to make them for him now before he rejects things!

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