KCW: The Mini Hudson Sisters

I’m back with some girly mini Hudson pants.  I love this pattern!

I also love the pattern name- I went to school (CIA) in Hudson Valley, NY- right along the banks of the Hudson river, and I also lived in Hudson Hall.  What a dirty little dorm that was… But so so fun too!

Anyway, unlike last time, these Hudsons were gladly accepted and patiently waited for by my darlings, Ellery and Corinne.

I changed them up slightly from one another, but used the same main fabric- pink French terry from Les Fabriques.  The dark coral knit is also from there, as is the cream- both of those cotton/lycra blends are my favorite to work with.  They are by a company named Elite knits, and they’re just perfect for most of my knit projects.

The sweet floral on Coco’s pair, is from Girl Charlee.

I kept thinking of strawberry desserts as I was sewing these up.  It’s about that time of year.

I sewed a size 7 for Ell, and a 3 for Coco.  Both fit pretty great, though I think the French terry is more apt to sort of stretch out and not bounce back as well while sewing- I think once I wash these they will fit a little better.

I also decided to forego the buttonholes again, and just tack on a strip of knit for a faux tie.  It works for me, and shaves a solid 15 minutes off of messing with my machine.

The girls are in their Team Wes shirts which my talented Mom made last year- for each family member!  She sews all the time, and currently is really into machine embroidery and applique.  She makes her grandkids the cutest little shirts all the time for every holiday and occasion.  She’s the best Grandma!  She even has a etsy shop – if you ever need a personalized shirt or some doll clothes, she’s your gal!

Ellery made a couple of “Wes” signs too as props.  She loves to write notes to Wes at school too- they usually say something like, “Dear Wes, I love you. I love playing with you so so so so so so so so so much. Love Ellery, To Wes.”  They love their little cousin!

That’s it for me this week- the KCW fairies didn’t show up so my house is a hot disaster.

I’ll leave you with a classic Coco dance move:

– Erin

12 thoughts on “KCW: The Mini Hudson Sisters

  1. Erin, what adorable pants! Your color selections are the best!!! I love Coco’s look in that pic of her about to color on the paper… slightly mischievous like my little Stella! Xo

  2. Love getting your posts in my inbox! A fabulous way to procrastinate/ease my way into the work day. Much rather make comments here than deal with actual work that pays the mortgage. Your girls look so much alike, especially in matching outfits. No one would think my two were even related except for the matching chin dimples! Good luck with the KCW fairies!

  3. I want to touch the fabric through the computer screen…I always feel like I’m on a hunt for good knits. And these are ADORABLE!! Although, it’s kind of cheating when your kids are so cute…

  4. they’re both so cute and i looooove these hudsons! perfect color combos, i think of strawberry ice cream, too! that coco and her doe-eyes, man. i’m a puddle over here.

  5. Ahh…these are so cute! And strawberries is exactly what I thought of when I saw your little mini hudsons! That pattern is definitely becoming one of my favorites!

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