We were thrilled (understatement) to be contributing editors to volume 4 of STYLO magazine!

If you haven’t heard of STYLO, it’s a beautiful online magazine focused on fashion-forward children’s clothing- all handmade by people like us!  It’s like the Vogue of the sewing blog world, and it was cooked up a couple of years ago by the immensely talented Jess of The Sewing Rabbit, and Celina of Petit à Petit and Family.  It features stunning photography, gorgeous fabrics, tons of inspired sewing patterns, adorable kiddos, and so much more.  You will want to put the babies in front of the TV for a while so you can enjoy it in peace!


We created two different looks + photoshoots.  Our first features colorful, sporty looks for Wes, Ellery and Avery.  We had a loose “cheerleader” theme going on there- Avery and Ellery cheering on their hero (and cancer ass-kicker), Wes.  We shot those photos at the amazing new University of Virginia childrens Battle Building- it was perfectly fitting for the fun, bright vibe we were going for, and of course fitting because little Wes has spent so much time there over this last year.  You can see that spread beginning on page 17.


The second look was more high-fashion, combining a couple of bold prints with some great indie sewing patterns.  We wanted this to feel cool and fresh and wearable, but not over-the-top.  Basically, we wanted it to be very “Hungie Gungie-ish”!  We took the girls to a cute little cupcake shop in town and let them relax and just hang out together snacking on sweets and orange soda.  Like a little kid coffee date.  This spread begins on page 233.

So go!  Go now!  Check out STYLO!

We will be back this week with more detailed blog posts about the clothes we made and photos galore.

Thank you for reading, it means the world!

Caroline + Erin

(*for detailed posts about each look, visit PART1 here and PART2 here*)

14 thoughts on “STYLO!

  1. W. O. W. You two are so so talented! I could only get to the Stylo issue #3. So either I am doing something wrong, or #4 isn’t online yet. Either way, I’m dying to see the pictures!!

  2. You guys! This is beyond amazing! The clothes, the concept, the TALENT! Can’t wait to continue to watch you amazing ladies. And freekin’ go #TEAMWES!!!

  3. This was one of my absolute favorites! I want to recreate every single piece! I really want to steal that little cupcake shop too. And Wes has the best Cancer ass-kickin outfit ever! Sending good vibes his way!!!

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