STYLO4 DEETS: part 1


We hope you all had a chance to scroll through STYLO4.  Pretty amazing group of talent there- we truly are honored to share pages with this group of designers.

Today, we wills share the details of our first look.

As soon as we were invited to contribute to this “high-fructose” themed issue, we knew the brand spanking new Battle Building at the University of Virginia was the place we would take pictures.

Most of you readers know that Caroline’s youngest child, Wes, has been in treatment for over a year now for Stage 4 high-risk Neuroblastoma.  Wes has spent roughly a third of his last year in a hospital, with most of that hospital time at UVA.  When he’s back at home enjoying life, he still has to go to clinic appointments a couple times a week at the Children’s Battle Building.

This building is stunning!  Each floor features a bold cheery color on the walls, lots of natural light floods through, and the design is clean and modern.   We wanted Wes to be a part of STYLO, so we created a little theme in our heads.

For Ellery and Avery (Wes’s cheerleaders) we made some color-blocked circle skirts in some happy colors (various Cotton couture solids by Michael Miller).  The skirts are fully lined in soft solid voile, and attached to a wide gray rib knit waistband (rib knit from Joann Fabrics).

Their racerback tanks are made from a cotton/lycra blend by Elite knits(purchased locally at Les Fabriques).  We used the Sporty Maxi pattern by Heidi and Finn, and just scooped the back out more so the the racerback was a bit more defined and not as wide.

Back when we were deciding what to make, Ellery and Avery (well, all of us actually) became obsessed with this fantastic sister version of Boom Clap (the awesome original one here by Charli XCX).  It’s a catchy tune and we thought BOOM + CLAP would be cool stenciled on their shirts.  We used the old freezer paper technique.

On to the MVP, WES!  We made Wes a sleeveless hoodie (also made with Elite knits) using the Titchy Threads Rowan Tee pattern.  And some laid-back Mini Hudson pants (Anna Maria Horner pretty potent knit).  we found some Old Navy shoes that were perfect with the girls’ Natives (from Amazon).

We spray-painted the hula hoops for a fun prop to have.  Avery is a crazy-good hula-hooper and can do a couple at a once, and she can basically hula for minutes at a time- it’s so nuts.

It was good to have a prop that helped the girls loosen up- at first they were NOT liking the stares and smiles from onlookers!  Getting kids to do what you want is just impossible if they are uncomfortable.

We recommend lots of small treats, and potty jokes to help you get through it.  Kids love when Moms make jokes about poop!

We will be back some time in the next couple of days with details from our 2nd spread, so come on back soon!

Erin + Caroline

16 thoughts on “STYLO4 DEETS: part 1

  1. Couldn’t be any more awesome. Perfect photoshoot, love how you guys used color, and love that the man himself is in the photos!! TEAM WES!!!!

    those skirts!
    and love, LOVE that Wes is doing so much better! what a great idea to incorporate his familiar territory.

  3. You were one of my favorites! Those skirts – I really need to make similar to my girls (or for me). I just love all that fresh colours. Great job!

  4. I was wondering were was the place you use to take the pictures. It is just perfect, all the colours and textures, very professional! apart of the sewing -that you already know I loved it- is really nice to see Wes and his cheerleaders having fun…I can’t stop laughing about the poop jokes! surely I will try that trick next time. Looking forward to know more details of the other looks.

  5. I loved this post so, so much!!! God, you soooo nailed it! I love all these color combos, I want to go stock up on those solids rightnow. The styling and the photos are ahhhhmazing.

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