Concert Ruby

Hi guys!  I thought I’d throw up some pics of my first Ruby Top.  Erin and I celebrated the last day of our kids’ school with a mama’s night out!  We had tickets to see Alabama Shakes that night.  So fun!  076 adjustedSo, while Wes napped that day, and my big kids were in school for one last day, I whipped up this simple and breezy summer top.  I’d had the pattern cut out forever, so that saved me a lot of time.  The fabric is from our local store Les Fabriques, and I think I bought it with plans to sew pants or a button down for one of my boys.  Although my mind is always dreaming of things I will sew, it is rare these days that I have the time.  So, whimsical sewing it is!073 adjustedMy kids thought this was really ugly.  They see all the pretty fabric I have in my stash, and I choose brown.

 I said to Wes, “How do I look?”

He said, “weird.”051 adjustedWell, I like it, so there.  It’s a really light weight breathable cotton, sort of like a linen.  Erin snapped some pics before we left for the show.  I love my little photo bombers!062 AdjustedEllery and Grant helped me relax during my photo shoot.  It’s never not awkward doing these!  I showed them how I was going to dance at the concert…silly collageThey were appropriately mortified by their strange aunt.

I take pride in that. 057 adjustedHappy summer!

*pattern modifications:  added a little more fabric at tops of shoulders, and about 1″ to hem.  I folded in my fabric edges under, rather than using bias tape.


5 thoughts on “Concert Ruby

  1. Looking good! Love the alternating direction of the stripe. Whenever I dance my kids cover their eyes and wail, “Nooooooooooo!” Now I bust a move as often as possible just to get them going, especially in public. 😉

  2. Oh my god, your family has some amazing genes. You both are SO GORGEOUS! Love it. And so hilarious about the kids reaction to the fabric choice…I’ve so been there!

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