Shorts. So Many Shorts.

 I have enjoyed a fun-filled Summer so far with my three kids.

We just got back from an utterly amazing Outer Banks vacation with our entire family, and it was just such a special week for these kids to be with their cousins and grandparents every day!

Here’s an outtake from an impromptu cousin photo shoot.  That was a nail biter.

Here are my sweet parents.  And their giant poodle, Lenny.  And my Dad’s plastic cup of fine red wine.

My mom used to make me and my sisters “Hungie Gungie” for dinner often when we were little.  You can thank her for our silly blog name!  Hey, all the other good ones were taken.  😉

ANYwho… back to the topic at hand. On several occasions, people I’ve run into at the park or pool have said, “Are your kids signed up for any camps?”

“Ah, er, Nope!”

(note to self: DEFINITELY sign kids up for a camp next year.)

We have had lots of pool time, bike rides, cousin sleepovers, ice cream trips, and slip ‘n slide sessions. Late bedtimes, lazy mornings, and so much firefly catching- I love them, but why do they have to show up and ruin bedtime every night?

I really realize how much I crave some quiet, uninterrupted sewing time.  It’s been hard to dive into the projects I planned to sew this Summer for ME.  I’m looking at you, Southport Dress, Alice Top, and Greenwood Tank!

  There’s just no time.

Because Lots of kids in my face, THAT’S WHY!  (<– that would be a shout-out to Junie B. Jones right there)

I started making these little bubble shorts, and then got so fast at making them, that I just couldn’t stop making them.

  My sewing space is squeezed into a little nook in our playroom.  Since making these became sort of brainless for me, I’ve been able to crank them out while my kids are playing in the same room.  In the A.C.  With popsicles and iced tea at the ready.

Virginia, you are hot.

Easy Summer sewing.  I’m all about it.

Anyway, I have been selling these in my Etsy shop.  I’ve been playing around with drafting my own little pattern for these for a couple of years now, and I finally have it they way I like them.  I gather the bottom of the shorts at the sides, and then attach a cuff… which I feel like takes them out of true bloomer territory, and more into regular girls shorts.


 Coco has been wearing hers all Summer and I just love the look of them!  Not quite bloomers, not quite shorts… I actually considered calling these blorts.

And then someone slapped me and handed me a cold beer.

Anyway, you can see more here and tell all your hot-weather residing mama friends!

** to see some HG bubble shorts in action, you must check-out our friend Allie’s blog, Crozette.  I have followed Allie’s blog for years now, but we met 2 years ago when we were both at the same outdoor concert downtown with our kids.  I immediately recognized them from her blog and went over to say hi- that probably seems weird if you aren’t a blogger, ha!  She has been a good friend and a huge Team Wes supporter ever since and I just love what she makes!**



17 thoughts on “Shorts. So Many Shorts.

  1. I have to ask what “Hungie Gungie” (the food) is, and how do you pronounce it? ENQUIRING MINDS, ERIN!

    1. okay, so Hungie Gungie is my mom’s version (actually, her mom used to make it for her 8 kids too) of Hungarian Goulash. It’s macaroni noodles, ground beef, tomato sauce I think, and spinach…. Or some variation of that! ha. And both words rhyme with BUNGEE. Hun (like hon-ey) Gee (like gee whiz) and Gun (pow pow) Gee (gee whiz)… make sense? 🙂

  2. I literally laughed out loud at the slap and a cold beer… dude can’t wait till we have a beer together! I am a proud owner of these cutie shorts, there I n full rotation for my girls! 💞 your parents are cute, and your mom is looking great! Xo

  3. Ahhh, those shorts are super super cute!! And your summer sounds wonderful….no camp needed 🙂

  4. Erin, these shorts are perfection! I was really, reeeeaaaallly hoping there would be a pattern so I could make them for Iris. Maybe you need to venture into the pattern making business! So awesome!

    1. Thank you, friend! I dunno about pattern making… I’m pretty terrible at explaining things like sewing methods. But maybe a simple pattern like this would be fun. We will see what the future holds! -E

  5. Love the shorts! It would be so fun if you ventured into pattern making! I’d love a pattern for the STYLO circle skirts you created! I also love the Junie B Jones reference 🙂

    1. You’re so sweet, Elizabeth! Those STYLO skirts made me nuts- I am really terrible at Math, and have no patience for it one bit. I ended up drafting those skirts by eye pretty much and then tweaking it little by little. I’m sure there was a MUCH easier way to do those! ha. 🙂 -E

  6. Thanks, Erin! I missed this post because I was at the beach and was just now scrolling through my feedly. You’re the best! So glad you introduced yourself that day at Fridays After Five! xoxoxo p.s. also flipping love the blorts.

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