Nituna jacket


I’m back after my little hiatus, and we are settling in to our new home quite nicely.  We really love our new neighborhood and school!

The dog got fleas the second we got here, so when I’m not bathing him, washing sheets and blankets, vacuuming, or teaching Ellery how to squeeze the life out of the little jerks with a pair of tweezers, I have been sneaking some time in at the machine.

It seriously saves me, friends.

I’ve had the Nituna jacket pattern for a couple of years now, and it seemed like it could be the perfect Fall coat for Ell.  It’s a swing coat, so it’s sort of shorter and wider than I’m used to, but I think it’s a cool look.

I think I was channeling some Carhartt vibes with this project.

The last coats I made E (Uptown jackets) were both hits, nice-fitting, cute, and the pattern was a breeze.

I’m half-wishing I’d just stuck to that one again.

I was pretty frustrated with the instructions here and there.  I felt like I was missing one key word in every step that would’ve made everything make sense for me.  I mean, I understood how it was probably supposed to go together, but I don’t want to spend time trying to decipher a vague sentence.

I skeptically sewed a size 8/9, and assumed it would be large on E because everyone says this pattern runs huge.  Yes, it’s wide but I don’t mind that- but, I feel like this jacket needs to be an inch longer for her- the hem and the sleeves.

The main fabric is a rust colored linen-blend from Joann’s, double cloth cotton from Imagine Gnats for the lining, and some incredibly soft faux fur (by Shannon the minky people) for the hood.  Oh, and there’s a layer of fusible fleece in there too.

So, hella cozy.

Gosh, I love her.

I do have to say that I had one major issue while attaching the raglan sleeves to the front and back pieces.  My sleeve pieces were about 1 inch too short at the top neckline edge, and just did not match up with the front and back.  So I had to shave an inch off of those pieces to even it all up.  I’m not even sure how that happened, but it did screw up my sewing when it came to attaching the hood. I guess that’s where I lost an inch in length?

I tried to press the lining out to the front a bit more so it would look like piping.  There is always room for cheater techniques in my opinion.  😉

The Nituna calls for 4 buttons, sewn in a square to close the front.  I kept thinking it looked toddler-ish that way (my buddy Monica confirmed that for me), so I went a little cuckoo and did my own thing.  I used 5 brass snaps, and just sort of followed that curve at the top.  I think I like it…

Ellery is on the fence.  She kept trying to pull it down longer- I think the fit maybe just feels awkward.  I don’t know how I feel about it… I like the look, but I wish it were a better fitting coat that she could wear to school every day.  Sadly, I don’t think it’s going to be the one she grabs on her way out the door.  Time will tell.

Really, I’m just glad I got around to sewing something.

Happy November!


21 thoughts on “Nituna jacket

  1. I didn’t know you were sewing a coat! Its super cute! I really like what you did with the snaps. It’s very editorial, whether she chooses to wear it or not 😉 Good job sis!

    1. HA! The title of that post is hilarious. I will check it out. Seriously, this pattern should’ve been easy for me at this point, but it gave me such issues! I also noticed how different the pattern shapes in the illustrations were.

      1. That should have said, ” I also noticed how different the pattern shapes in the illustrations were compared to the actual pieces I had in front of me. Weird.

  2. That rust coloured linen is gorgeous and I love the addition of the faux fur in the hood. It’s a stunning coat, hopefully it will grow on Ellery as she looks lovely in it. Yay for sewing again, I hope to get back to it soon too!

  3. Well, at least she LOOKS beautiful in it. I hope she will come around to wearing it too. I’m so happy you started sewing again 😉

  4. Very lovely Erin! I like lots what you did with the snaps, brilliant detail. I have the pattern -bought it years ago too- but haven’t made it yet, I always wondered about the sizes.

    1. Thanks Maria! I think it all depends on if you do a lined coat or not. I like my kids to have roomy coats anyway so they are comfy running around… so the bigger the better in my opinion. 🙂

  5. Oh man it sucks when you spend so much time and the final result isn’t quite what you had expected! It looks good from here. Love the colors and textures.

  6. Love it, but totally understand the length thing. My girls like their coats long too.
    Playing on the monkey bars/climbing trees and such with cold air blowing up the back is no good.
    But for a fashionable outing on the town? Gorgeous! And the fake piping look is a nice touch!

  7. I love the colors and the fabrics! I got this pattern as part of a sewing bundle a few years ago, I think, and was wondering if I should give it a try. I’m so glad that I read this first though, because I think the shortness and wideness would really bother me. Maybe I’ll look at the Uptown jacket pattern because both of yours are adorable!

  8. It is totally adorable, your fabric choices were on point and i really love those snaps! I had similar issues with the ayashe blouse instructions though (i wrote a bunch of notes to myself on the pattern for the future, haha). Bummer about the length too! Hopefully she still reaches for it, it’s too cute to sit!

  9. I missed this one 🙂 It is a cute jacket. Sorry to hear you had trouble sewing it… Hope your gorgeous model will decide to wear it 🙂 It looks fun 🙂 Oh, and love what you did with the snaps there 🙂

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