Bubble Skirts


I added a few little bubble skirts to my etsy shop recently and thought I’d share here in case you sewing mamas want to make your own.


I used the (free) bubble skirt pattern/tutorial by Straightgrain, which is featured on Sew Mama Sew.


I love how they came out!


The separate waistband is great, and really helps to add to the overall shape of the skirt.  (note: I did make my waistband pieces a little wider- cut them 4″ instead of 3″, and I used some wider elastic.)


The pattern is spot on- An is pretty brilliant.  I would not know where to start if I tried to figure out how to do this on my own!  All you need to do is take a few measurements, and do some simple math to come up with the perfectly fitted pattern for your kiddo.


These skirts are fully lined- basically, the lining is cut thinner and shorter than the main fabric, which once you attach them at the hem, is what creates the bubble.




Such a cute skirt to throw on over some tights or leggings.

You can find these three skirts (along with some other handmade garments) in my etsy shop, here.

Have a great Thanksgiving!  Eat all the stuffing!  Drink all the wine!


3 thoughts on “Bubble Skirts

  1. I love these skirts! Great fabric combinations and I’m especially loving the colors in the last photograph. Definitely bookmarking this tutorial for future reference!

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