A Beatrix and a Barney


I’ve been in a definite sewing slump the last couple of months.  I’ve had the time to sew, but just cannot get my creative vibes going strong enough to start something.  I’ve made a few random knit things, and I’ve been helping Ellery get to know her new machine, but I have really been feeling out of touch!  Can’t find a fabric line that I love lately (which is usually the source of inspiration for a project for me).  You know, just feeling kind of… MEH about it all.

 Anyway, I basically forced myself last week to JUST SEW SOMETHING.  So I picked some fabric from my stash, and a new pattern, and got a crackin’.


This is the Beatrix top– a Made by Rae pattern.

I sewed a L, but added 1″ in length.  Remember, I’m 5’11”.  NOTHING is ever long enough on me!  Also, most of my close friends are shorties.  Isn’t that something?  They’re all short and adorable and always asking me to reach stuff.


I think the fit is pretty great.  It’s comfy.  There are bust darts to help give the top a nice fit, and the curved hem is a nice detail.

Want to meet my awesome dog, Barney?


He’s quite debonaire (hee hee. I’ve been binge-watching Mad Men), I washed him and blow-dried him this morning so I think he deserves a little screen time.

Obviously, I did not wash or blow-dry myself this morning.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?


Not this guy.

So, my fabric is a double cloth cotton purchased from Imagine Gnats.  It’s two soft layers, basically stuck together- similar to double gauze, but maybe not quite as billowy or light?  It’s nice.  The party-in-the-back placket was a random spontaneous move.  I grabbed some chartreuse-y and watermelon-y cottons and just went for it.

Kinda weird, kinda fun, eh?


I’ll end this post with a shot of me and my Coco-girl.  I love having her home with me during the day.  She loves to watch Home Alone (“the part where he wakes up!”), play picnic, and take her shirt off so her baby dolls have easy access. 😉

  She’s kind of like my button placket.  Kinda weird, but mostly fun.


Thanks for reading!


22 thoughts on “A Beatrix and a Barney

  1. Haha post cracked me up. I have a tall friend and have totes asked her to reach stuff…also I always wear heels when we go somewhere together so I don’t look like her sidekick. The top is so good – I need to make one of those! Love the photos with Coco and Barney too. 🙂

  2. Finally got around to reading this! Nice! The shirt is super cute and comfy. I’ll have to get on a self-sewing project soon. Hi Barney! Nice to see you here!

  3. Love your version! Just downloaded it and was thinking to make it longer! Where did you add the length, at the waist or ‘ cut here for banded version’? Thanks x

  4. I loved your version! Just downloaded yours and was thinking about making it longer. Did you add length to the waist or ‘ cut here for banded version’ thanks x

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