Snow dayz

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, that I don’t even recognize this place.  Props WordPress.

It’s not that I haven’t been sewing, every now and then I need a fix,  its just that I haven’t really sewn anything very interesting or new.  And photographing and blogging takes effort.  And also, we have a puppy.   Nuff’ said, right?  I’ll stop whining…

I loved Ellery’s stripy cocoon dress so much, that I had to make one for Avery-girl!  I think its such a cool modern pattern, by Groovybaby…and mama.  The styling, by the way, was all Avery!  02-January 2016 083

I sewed this dress during a gigantic snowstorm that dumped almost 2 feet and kept the kids out of school for 4 days in a row.  It also proved to be a real set back for puppy potty training :/.  But, with 60 degree days following, we had a fast melt and some super dangerous sledding.

01-January 2016 079

I love how the cupid ears mirror her fang teeth.  Oh, Happy Valentine’s day by the way!

This fabric came from Girl Charlee quite a while ago.  It’s a medium weight knit that worked well for this project.  Derrrr!  Just got the call that school is cancelled tomorrow!  Snow and ice storm this time.

09-January 2016 142

Love this girl.  She’s growing up so fast.

10-January 2016 149

Who wants to see some puppy pics?  Avery was in model mode on this particular day, and wanted to do a shoot with Bodhi.  This is a simple skater dress is made from some heavy red knit that I picked up in Philly’s fabric district.  (When Wes was up there for radiation treatments we would explore the city on the weekends.  I’m so glad to have some fond memories of that time.  The update on Wes is that he is doing excellent and still in remission! Woot!)

15-January 2016 178

Isn’t he cute?  We are really enjoying this new furry addition to the family!

12-January 2016 159

Again, styled by Avery.  Can’t beat the classic combo of black, white, and red!  I think my current sewing inspiration is coming from all those Facebook ads for  For parents who can’t be bothered with prints.  Actually I really like the concept of this shop.  Its just that I look at it all, and I’m like, “Well, I can just make that.”

14-January 2016 171

This is LOVE!


7 thoughts on “Snow dayz

  1. Welcome back to blogging, Caro! Love the dresses and Avery’s styling! Such a good age for that. E was in red and pink today with gold jewlery. SO FANCY. Glad all is well with Wes and oh man is that an adorable dog or what??

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