Eleena Dress

I love to make dresses for my girls.  It’s my sewing comfort zone.  But, I really haven’t sewn many (besides a few basic knit ones) in the last several months.  So, I was excited to participate Olga Becker’s (Coffee + Thread) Eleena dress tour, and hoped it would get me right back into the dress-sewing swing of things!

Spoiler alert: it did!


The Eleena dress is a vintage-inspired dress with sleeve options as well as an optional collar, with sizes ranging from 2-12.  You must take a look at all the variations here on Olga’s blog, because they are all so unique!  I was so so tempted to go the long sleeve + collar route because I just love the look, but I knew this simpler version would get more wear in our house.


I made Ellery a size 7, with an 8 in length.  The fit is perfect, but I probably should’ve just gone with a straight 8 to give her some more growing room.

For the main fabric of my dress, I used a subtle print by Cotton + Steel (sprinkle in peaches) If you look closely, you can see the tiny white dots.  I love the inverted pleat down the front, and chose a very pale pink solid for that panel for an understated contrast, and Ellery was actually pretty interested in it- she kept asking me how I did that.  😉

Skillz, kid.


I’ve always been a fan of flutter sleeves, and I’m so happy with the way these ones turned out.  Perfect amount of flutter, which i accented with some tiny ivory pom-pom trim.




This is the first invisible zipper that I have ever sewn!  And it looks alright!  Please ignore the wrinkles- but do not ignore those little back shoulder darts up there!  i love smart fit details like that.  I found Olga’s overall instructions to be really great and thorough- you can certainly tell she’s experienced.   I checked out a youtube video for a visual for the zip because I tend to do better that way.

 Thanks again, internet.


I added a little ribbon rosebud at the center of the neckline, and I think it’s pretty sweet and dainty.


Easter dress. BOOM.


The Eleena dress pattern is on sale for $7 until March 7th.  I hope you’ll check it out!

Olga is giving away 2 of her sewing patterns and a yard of  Sarah Jane fabric, and you can enter that HERE.



 And, you can also check out all of the other gals and their Eleena dresses in the links below!
Thanks for reading, and many thanks to the lovely Olga for hosting this tour!
– Erin

21 thoughts on “Eleena Dress

  1. This came out so nicely! I’m totally impressed with the invisible zippper- another skill you can cross off your sewing bucket list! As always, Ellery is an exquisite model. Nice job dude.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. LOVE the trim on the flutter sleves – great detail!! And GO you if that is your first invisible zipper!! Amazing! And if I may add tip….you can do it without ripping any seams so i feel okay saying it 🙂 Understitch the lining in the neckline then it won’t peek out while being worn. Just start and end as close to the invisible zipper as you can since you obviously can’t get all into the corner there. I can email you a photo if you need something visual (Personally I always do, so you are not alone!). And please feel free to totally ignore me here too hahaha the dress is already beautiful!

  3. Very beautiful! I must buy the pattern! I love old fashioned girl dresses.. just need to find the time to sew them up!

  4. Erin, this dress is awesome! I have to tell you :: I have the exact same dress planned!!!! Except no pom pom trim or center tiny rose (amazing idea!!!). And I was totally thinking Easter dress, too! I just got the fabric yesterday! And this has happened to me once before where I made a dress for Tia in Handcrafted Duck Egg and I was explaining it to a sewing friend who sent me a photo of your dress! You had already made something so similar. Somehow, it was one of your only posts I hadn’t seen!

    You did such an amazing job! It looks great!

    1. Ha, that is awesome. If anyone was to be my kindred sewing spirit, I hope it’d be you! Remember when Caroline made a skater dress in that grey and purple bunny dress- same as the one you made Indigo (i think?) a long time ago. 🙂

  5. Definitely skillz! You have the best hand for color and fabric combinations! Peach and lemon ice cream, yum! (What a beauty your daughter is!)

    1. Oh, Ute… you are always so sweet! The leggings I think she slept in (they’re her cousins) and she would not take them off for the photos. Ha, I was hoping it’d look alright!

  6. So sweet. I’ve been seeing pom poms pop up in unexpected places recently and have been thinking about adding them to something myself. They really are fun.

  7. Pompom all the sleeves sister (insert a high five). This is such a sweet dress, so delicate! I love it! Your first invisible zipper??? You rock!

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