Out and About Dress

It’s been (purple) raining for weeks here now.

I usually love rainy days at home, but this week Coco has been sick with crazy fevers, thus hanging on me like a baby orangutan 24/7.  Like, if I move my face .07 cm away from hers while we’re sleeping together, she will sit straight up, right out her deep sweaty slumber and whine/cry/moan until I press my cheek back to hers.

Sweet thing.


The perks are high for a sewing person when you’re stuck at home.  When Coco isn’t noticing, I’ve been sneaking back to my machine and get several things made or patterns cut out.

This is the Out and About Dress, by Sew Caroline.


Sometimes, I’ll sit on a pattern for a long time (in this case, a year) looking at other people’s versions on a regular basis- like I’m just not ready to  “go there” for some reason.  Not that this pattern is challenging at all- in fact, it’s a great beginner pattern.  But, There was something about this dress that I didn’t love, and after spending lots of time looking around, I finally realized what it was.

The front and back necklines both just seemed to high for me.   I’m definitely not a flashy dresser, but a lot of the ones I saw just seemed… too covered up around the neck?


Once I came across Kelli’s beautiful version, where she opened the back up more, I knew that’s what it needed.  I could’ve gone with a bit of a deeper neckline for the back actually, and I’d probably like it even more.  But, I am really happy with how this turned out for the most part.  I scooped out about 3/4″ from the front neckline, and probably about 1 1/2 inches away from the back.


(I swear the pigeon-toed pose is accidental up there, but I know sister Caroline is loving it… right, Caro?)

Elbow length sleeves are my favorite, but I don’t own any garments that have them!  Need to fix that, stat.  They’re comfy, and I think they make everybody’s arms look good no matter what.


I used a drapey rayon blend knit, and added several inches of length- maybe 4?  I also sewed clear elastic into the waistband when I was attaching the skirt to the bodice.  It seems to have been a smart move so far.  It just feels nice and stable.


I’m happy with this pattern- I would probably make some minor tweaks the second time around, but I would definitely recommend this.

So far I have worn my Out and About dress out and about to several places.  One being jury duty.  Which I’ll be serving (every other wednesday) for a YEAR!!!

I know, I know.

Feel bad for me now.


10 thoughts on “Out and About Dress

  1. Hi, I love the dress but more importantly how can you be serving jury duty for a year? Please tell me so that I never do the same thing. Haha:-(

    1. Ha!! So, it’s for a Federal Grand jury, which i guess often runs with the same jurors for a one year term. We hear lots of cases and don’t decide on guilt or innocence, but whether or not to indict someone. It’s actually very interesting, but definitely long! 9-5!

  2. What a nice simple dress! I always feel the same way about necklines, so many patterns seem so dowdy and I am not at all a risque dresser!
    And my goodness, a year of jury duty?? That sounds AWFUL.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about mulling over a pattern for a long time and then finally realizing what you need to do to make it work for you. You did real good here, it looks fantastic on you! Hope Coco gets better soon!

  4. So, as to the jury thing, are you allowed to knit? If so sign me up! No guilt knitting away from phone, chores, children! OK…I digress… I love how you pull off that dress! Looks great and so drapey and comfortable. Curious about sewing that kind of fabric. Difficult?

    1. I don’t know if I can knit… There was a woman coloring in a coloring book, so maybe I’ll have to ask! As for the dress, I did most of it on the serger, which really helped!

  5. This looks so stylish! I also notice that a lot of indie sewing patterns have high necklines. I use the plantain tee by Deer and Doe a lot which has a nice shape to the front neckline but I think I need to widen and lower the back neckline like you have here. My son is the same as your daughter when he’s not well, face to face, cheek to cheek! Glad to hear your daughter is better.

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