Beatrix Top in Yucca Voile

When I made my first Beatrix top, I was excited to realize that the shirt would fit over my head without having to unbutton it- I’ve wanted a simple woven tee pattern for a while (I had been thinking of buying the Scout tee pattern by Grainline), so I figured I’d try using the Beatrix pattern and omit the button placket down the back.  Since it’s got a short sleeve option, I was in business.


I did a couple of things here to jazz my tee up.  I added a few small pleats to the center front, and one larger pleat at the center back.  I sewed them 1/2 way down the shirt, and I like that it gives it a little more flow.

(update: I forgot to mention this originally but had a couple of comments about it… I did add about 2″ to the front center so I could make the pleats.  Also, I cut the back piece on the fold (instead of 2 pieces as the original pattern has), and basically “made up” for the button placket being gone, by putting in one large pleat.)


Also, instead of a facing like the original Beatrix has, I used bias tape to finish the inside of the neckline. I really prefer the feeling of that to facings. They just annoy me.

Oh, and of course if you read this blog, you’ll know that (say it with me now…) I added some length because i’m tall.  🙂


The fabric is simply lovely!  It’s from Leah Duncan’s organic voile line for Cloud 9 fabrics.  It’s dreamy.  The perfect weight for this project, and perfect for warmer weather.


I love Leah’s desgins.  Her color combinations are interesting , and her prints are not obnoxious or in-your-face… yet there is still a lot to look at.  I feel like her prints are great for grown-ups and kids alike.  Her designs have an overall cool vibe and I need more of them in my life!

Want some cheese??


If you don’t own the Beatrix pattern, i recommend it.  Rae has so many variations that she’s made and I love them all.  So much inspiration there.


19 thoughts on “Beatrix Top in Yucca Voile

  1. You are so stinking CUTE. I am totally going to get this pattern if I don’t have to make that button placket. yay! thanks for sharing. Love the print you chose.

    1. You are so sweet, Louise! Thank you! No, I only make kid stuff.. mostly because its easier to make things fit nicely! Wanna come sew one with me instead??? 🙂

  2. I love it, Erin!!! Did you have to to the width on the front to make up for the pleats and did the back pleat make up for the width the placket added? Dang, I hope these questions make sense because it IS Monday.

    1. Hi Laura! Yes, I forgot to say in my post that I did add width to the front piece (maybe 2″ total) so I could add the pleats down the center. And the back pleat does make up for the placket width… And thank you for bringing that up- you worded it perfectly! I will update my post! Thanks.

  3. This is truly lovely! The shirt looks great on you, and that fabric is 😍😍😍. I might need to purchase this pattern now!

  4. Was there enough ease in the pattern to add the front and back tucks or did you modify the pattern to add the extra width? It looks lovely, and the tucks are so fun.

    1. Hi Andi! Yes, sorry I forgot to mention that! I did add approx 2″ to the front center so I could add the pleats. To the back, I did not add any ease since the back pleat makes up for the button placket that would’ve been there. Thank you for the comment!

  5. Awesome top! Love the mods. I bought a different print from this line and it’s also white and seems too see through to make a top without lining or having to wear something underneath. Did you not have that problem with this fabric?

    1. Hey Cherie! No, it seems to be fine, probably because of the scale of the print… I wore a floral bra under it, and I don’t think it was noticeable. 🙂

  6. Looks so cute with the pleats – I’m thinking it would make a perfect maternity top with a little extra length *scuttles off to dig out Beatrix pattern and fabric stash to give it a go*

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