Newborn set

My good friend Taylor is having a baby in a hot minute, and she asked me a while back if I’d be interested in making her new little girl a coming home outfit.  Taylor and her family are some of my favorite people, and you know I love babies, so of course I was happy to.  Plus, T-bone (as I like to call her) loves handmades and has always been so sweet about our makes on this blog.  She was even like, “oh, and tell me what I owe you.”



She gave me instructions to make whatever I wanted (sweet!), and I texted her pictures of cozy organic knit fabrics.  She picked one instantly, and I got to work like 3 months later and 3 days before the baby’s due date.

Because SUMMER WITH 3 KIDS, that’s why.

I knew right away I’d be making Rachel’s newborn gown pattern.  It’s perfect in every way, and was not a long project at all.  I love the envelope neckline, and the way the binding looks so professional.  Oh and the pattern is free, so if that doesn’t rope you in, maybe getting pregnant will? 😉


The fabric is organic interlock knit by Birch.  Nice stuff. It’s really easy to work with, and the color is a lovely peachy pink.

As soon as the gown was finished, I knew it needed a matching cap, so I scoured the internets for a quick tutorial and pattern.  There are several, but my printer didn’t like any of them so I drew up my own little pattern.


Super easy, just serged two pieces together, turned them right side out, and folded up and stitched a little cuff.  I was originally going to tie the top of the cap into a knot, but it was virtually impossible, so I kept it more like a pixie shape.


And, I think it’s super cute like that.


Coco’s baby doll was a decent model.  She’s a little dead in the eyes though.


I can’t wait to see meet baby Harris.  If she’s anything like her adorable older sister and brother, she will capture hearts instantly.


9 thoughts on “Newborn set

  1. How did you draft and sew that hat and photograph it all and write this blog post so quickly after we got home from the pool??? Also it’s adorable.

  2. You are a nice friend 🙂 It is such a beautiful outfit. I was totally going to use the pattern… I just didn’t get any time to do so while the bubs was a newborn… and then she was too big for it 😦 I don’t think getting pregnant again is a good enough excise to sew this sweet gown though hahaha

  3. I can’t believe I didn’t comment on this! I love it! Thank you for having the confidence in me to try my pattern! Inspired by your Charlie dresses, I’m going to try that pattern for the first time and came to see if you had any tips! I have loved your versions! I’m off to find some of your posts about it!

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