Isla top

Hi there!

It’s been 3 1/2 months since a blog post, so I figured we’re due for one.

This is the Isla pattern from Made by Rae.


My Isla is the peplum top variation, but I love the dress versions that Rae has made (especially this one!) so I hope to give that try too.  Anyway, it’s cute, right?  This pattern is pretty simple- I sewed (mostly serged) mine in about an hour while Coco and her cousin Wes happily played babies in the next room.

I used my easy and fast neckband tutorial for the arm holes and neckline.


I made a size L, but as usual lengthened the bodice by about 3/4″, and the skirt piece by about an inch… I did not hem this, and there’s no way I could’ve gotten away with it anyway.  It’s definitely a bit short- the peplum piece is supposed to hit right at your natural waist, and my waist is probably an inch lower.  That’s okay though.  A wearable muslin works for me.  I’ll change it up next time around.


Are you dying to know where I got this amazing fabric?

 WELL… I was at Goodwill the other morning- sometimes between dropping the big kids off at school and dropping Coco off at preschool an hour later, we go to random places that are open at 8 am (Grocery stores, Tractor Supply (because chickens), Lowes, or Goodwill).  Anyway, a yard and a half of this colorful print was just sitting folded up nicely on the shelf.  Mine for 20 cents.  Bada-bing!


Made of 100% luxurious indie (not!) polyester… tee hee!

Seriously though, I am loving the drape.  So easy to sew with.  And it’s pretty darn comfortable.  I’d be nice if it were a little more breathable.

How did people survive the seventies?  GAWD!


I like to pair this with my 100% pilly acrylic Target cardigan.

Love y’all!


p.s. Caroline and I were recently featured on Rae’s blog for her Sewing Superstars series… We love Rae and her patterns, so we were so honored to be featured.  You can check it out here!

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