Millie Dress


I feel like there are two types of people in this world.

Those who like ruffles, and those who don’t.


I happen to love them (in the right context, that is.  I simply cannot condone many of these, sorrynotsorry).


The Millie dress kept showing up in my Instagram feed in all it’s ruffled glory, and despite having almost no time to sew lately… I had to make one.


This is a free pattern in sizes 3-6.  There are no diagrams, no tutorials to guide you- just a simple set of instructions.  But, If you have sewn a dress before, and have gathered some fabric to make a ruffle, you can make this.


I made a size 5, with a size 6 length and am really happy with the fit- this dress is intended to be above the knee.  Coco is proving to be taking after me in the height department, so I generally have to lengthen things for her.

I chose to make a regular neckband using my usual cheater technique, since I wasn’t liking the idea of just folding the neckline under and topstitching as the pattern suggested.  I felt like that would’ve made the neckline stretch out or gape, but what do I know….


This beautiful mustard knit is from peek-a-boo pattern shop.  It’s a cotton/lycra blend, and is really a nice weight.  The last dress I made was also made with knit from Amy’s shop, and it’s some of the nicest knit I’ve used in a long time. For $7/yard, I’d definitely buy it again.

Coco was busting out some of the Yoga moves she learns at preschool.  Girl’s got some balance!  She says this one is called Tree pose.  I’m no yogi, so I’ll take her word for it.


Namaste, friends.


7 thoughts on “Millie Dress

  1. Ruffles are the best. And while some of those pants are totally over the top, I have to admit to adding a ruffle or two to a pant leg bottom to get just a little extra wear out of it when my girl was a wee one. But never more than one at a time. Anything else is just excessive.

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