Isla maxi dress

Apologies first, for the side of Willie Nelson eye contact.  Grant’s room gets the best light in the house.  Do you think he’s stoned in that pic?  Has Tori Spelling had a nose job?  Is the sky blue?  I’ll let you be the judge.


Here’s another Isla for you, dress-form this time.  You can find this great pattern here.

I’ll show you how I modified it into a maxi using these 5 steps:


Just kidding!  I added like, 20″ or so to the skirt, which I also cut wider so it would be more fully gathered.  Oh, and I didn’t hem this because I didn’t feel like it and also, #knitdontfray.

Shazam!  Maxi!

I really love this pattern.   As you loyal readers know, I always lengthen my patterns to accommodate my amazonian height.  Here, I added approximately 2″ of length to the bodice.  I may even add 1/2″ or so next time since this seam is hitting just above my natural waist.


I used my cheater binding method for both the neckline and the armholes, and it really turned out nicely.  No measuring required.  You should try it sometime.

This knit fabric has become my new standby.  I feel like I’m leading you to my secret mushroom hunting spot, but it’s okay because we’re pals- just don’t buy it all, and don’t tell anyone else about it, ok?  It’s a cotton/lycra blend from the Peek-a-boo fabric shop, and it’s just really nice stuff for the price- you really cannot beat $7/yard these days.  I also used the dark teal here for Coco’s ballet back dress, and here in the gold mustard for the Millie dress.  I’d say it’s similar to Kaufman Laguna knits if you’re familiar with those, but better In my opinion?  Stretchy but sturdy, and very vibrant color in person.  I have now bought about 6 different colors and I’m in love with all of them.


 Please excuse the wrinkles.  This dress was in a literal ball on my closet floor before I put it on.

 Because kids, that’s why.


15 thoughts on “Isla maxi dress

  1. What a treat to find you in my inbox! I have a fantasy of someone whisking the husband and kids away for a week and staying home with the hungie gungie sisters, a case of wine (is that enough for a week?), and sewing all day, every day! So many things I want to make! A comfy dress in a knit fabric sounds divine…just not a maxi….

  2. Ooooooooh! I love this! I’m not so much of a dress wearer, but I feel like this is one I could maybe pull off! As soon as I unpack the sewing room, I’m on it. 😂

  3. I love this dress! I want one, but sewing knits still intimidates the heck out of me. If I manage to cut it correctly, I sew it wrong. I’m getting there, slowly, having successfully made a ‘buff’ for my husband for Christmas (he sent me multiple links on how to make it) out of knit. So, baby steps. Maybe I’ll work up to making myself a maxi dress….

    1. I know how you feel about knits- I also felt very intimidated! I never work with slinky knits because they always turn out wonky. But, the more stable ones are really pretty easy to to sew! You could always start with a maxi skirt??

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