Hello, and thanks for visiting our blog!

We are a couple of sisters living in Charlottesville, Virginia.  We started this blog to document our adventures in sewing.  Besides a few quick lessons from our Mom, we have learned to sew via the many fabulous sewing blogs out there.

When we make something that we think others might like, we try to post a tutorial.  Visit our Tutorials page!

Please email us at hungiegungie at gmail dot com if you have any questions or just want to say “hey”!

                   Erin + Caroline

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now for some random and incredibly amazing facts about us:

We were born in California, but spent the second half of our childhood in Connecticut.

We have older sister (Erika) in Chicago who we used to label “the un-crafty one”.  However, she got a sewing machine this past Christmas and we are all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what she produces! (no pressure!)

Erin has NO recollection of sewing when we were younger, but Caroline insists there were many scrunchies made at the dining room table with our Mother’s machine.

We are both married to Chefs.  They work down the street from each other.

And, yup… we eat well.

Chefs can work some crazy hours, so we are on our own a lot.

Because of that, when the kids go to bed and before the husbands get home, that’s when most of the sewing magic happens!

Currently, we both stay home with our kiddos.

Erin is a pastry chef.  Caroline is the smart one and will be a math teacher someday.

Between the two of us, we have lived in some pretty cool places like, Australia, NYC, West Hollywood, Telluride, Santa Cruz, and The Berkshires.  We ended up in Charlottesville about 10 years ago- we love it here!

(No, really…what is “hungie gungie” you ask?  A delicious nutritious meal our mother made for us as kids.  Often.  It’s her version of hungarian goulash.  Rhymes with bungie!)

10 thoughts on “ERIN + CAROLINE

  1. Hey Crafty Sisters,
    Love the website! Found you Erin : )
    Looking forward to following you two!
    P.S. – Thanks for the yummy sandwich today and listening to my soapbox(es)…

  2. My father fed me (primarily) “hungie gungie” growing up as well but I thought it was just something unique to our family. You can’t imagine my surprise when I found your site through a google search of my favorite childhood meal. While I know that my inquiry is not craft-based, I am deeply curious as to the make up of your mother’s own hungie gungie.

    1. Dear Andrew:
      I am responding to your comment, although this blog is owned by two of my daughters. Caroline just called me to tell me of your comment, and I just couldn’t believe someone else in the world ate hungie gungie! My mother’s concoction was made with elbow macaroni, ground beef, and Cambell’s tomato soup! I think we ate it once a week. We (eight kids) grew up in Watertown, MA. I’d love to hear about YOUR recipe!

      Kate Souder

  3. I love it!!! You girls are so very talented! You should really consider selling some stuff on etsy. I think it would do very well! Let me know if I can be of any assistance. And Caroline, it was fantastic to meet you at Jessica’s baby shower. ❤

  4. Hi Erin and Caroline!
    I passed on a Liebster Award to you. It’s given to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers (some of you have a few more). They, then, pass it along to 11 other bloggers. It’s a way for your readers to get to know you and for bloggers to connect with other bloggers. 🙂 Come check out the link on my site and share the love with others as well as get your award!

    Congrats! Mary

  5. Erin and Caroline,
    Your Mom,Kate, and I used to make “Hungie Gungie” the baby version for your sister, Erika, and my son, Jeremy. We were newly weds, new homeowners, and new Moms circa 1976. As I remember, the “recipe” included macaroni, burger,chopped tomatoes, chopped spinach and cottage cheese. We’d drop a spoonful on their highchair trays and let them have at it! Lucky we both had dogs to clean up the floor. Those were the days- I learned so much from my sweet Kate.

    Rhonda Jones

    1. Hey Rhonda!
      That is so sweet…My Mom always talks about those days raising babies along side you! Hungie Gungie was a staple in our diet back then 🙂 -Erin

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