Felt Rosette Wreath

So, I finally caved and joined Pinterest.  It’s cool- I’ve really been meaning to devote more of my life to the internet these days.

So far, the only thing I’ve pinned are wreaths… you can check them out here.  I’m determined to not let the holidays pass me by before I make a couple- there are so many great ideas out there!  I have a stash of felt, so I honed in on the yellow rosebud one , but I also loved this one too. 

After a couple of hours, here’s what I ended up with:

Want to make one?  Or just see how to make the rosettes?  Okay. 

So here’s how to make the little rosettes.  First, cut a circle out of felt.  I made my biggest one about 4″ in diameter, and made several smaller than that too.  You can use a cup or a cd to help you draw a perfect circle, but I actually like it not perfect- I think it ends up giving the flowers a little more character once they’re all done.

Next, spiral-cut your circle about 1/2″ thick.

It should look like this when you’re done.

Then, starting on the end that was the center of your circle, begin rolling it upon itself.  Use a glue gun here and there to help keep it all together.

How cute is that!?!  I seriously had so much fun making these felt rosettes, in my head I was going through all the things I want to attach them to- barrettes, a cuff bracelet, headband, shoes…. 

I made a bunch in mustard-orange, heather grey, and a medium brown.

So now, get your wreath ready… I used an 11″ foam circle from Michael’s.  I wrapped it with 2″ wide strips of natural muslin.

I used a few straight pins in the back to keep the muslin nice and tight.

Next, arrange the rosettes on the wreath however you like.  I should’ve stopped here- I love how it looks…

But no.  I kept going….

…And going.  I don’t know what happened, but glitter pom-poms took over for a few minutes.  I took several off but once your hot glue dries, good luck getting anything off!  Just don’t be like me… know when to say no.

Anyway,  I still really like it- it’s hanging in our living room and is the perfect amount of “Fall” to make me feel a little cozy when I walk by.  It’s understated, but still makes a small statement.  Well, I think it does but that could be just because I slaved over it for 2 hours! 

 Hope you’re inspired to create something Fall-ish!


DIY wall art

Since we bought our house 3 1/2 years ago, I’ve been staring at these two ugly vents over our fireplace:

I don’t know really what they do exactly… I’ve never felt air coming out of them.  I suppose they help to take air into the chimney when there is a fire in the fireplace?  Anyway… they’re just ugly. 

A couple of years ago I bought two of these Ikea frames- with the intention of finding a couple of cool prints to go in them:

They sat around for a long time, and after many searches on etsy for the perfect print, I kind of gave up and forgot how much I hated the ugly vents.  But, recently the urge hit me to cover them.  STAT! 

So, I took a bit of inspiration from the September cover of Martha  and got to work.

I decided to piece together a bunch of random fabrics in the same (general) color family to make an apple and a pear. 

I started with a shape that I cut from cardstock.  Here’s my pear:

Then, I cut random widths of my fabrics and sewed them together:

I ironed my seams out, and then ironed some lightweight interfacing to the back.  Then, using my cardstock cut-out, I traced the pear onto the back, and cut it out!


It was missing something (besides the stem- but we’ll get to that).  So, I topstitched some gold thread on a few of the seams…

Next, I used a little fabric glue on the back of the pear, and placed it on a square of natural muslin.  I had some brown leather on hand and made a stem, and glued that to the muslin as well.

Then, I put it in the frame… and got a couple of nails and a hammer:

And that’s it!

This was an enjoyable project to make that just sort of came together as I sewed. 

I’m not married to these though, and I can see in the winter maybe piecing together a pine cone, or a tree… etc.  It was fun to rifle through my fabric stash and see what I had that inspired me.

  I especially like that the vents are now out of sight!  Goodbye ugly! 


**don’t worry, I’ll be removing these frames when we DO have a fire going… because, yeah… the vents probably have a legit purpose.

tweet dreams

 Grant’s crib was really in need for a mobile for a while now.  I finally got my inspiration after receiving this book from Caroline.  In it, Anna Maria Horner makes a really sweet bird mobile out of a large white lampshade.  I liked the idea, but thought the lampshade was a little clunky for my kids’ small room, so I used a 12″ embroidery hoop that I had on hand instead…. I followed her directions for making the hanging birds, using all different fabrics that looked cool together…

I used an invisible marker to draw the bird’s silhouette on the fabric square, and then used embroidery floss to outline the body with a straight stich.  I then stuffed the birds with poly-fil and cut them out. 

I used contrasting fabric for the wings and sewed them onto the birds with more floss. 

Once I had some birds made, I made some random felt circles and leaves, and with a button here and there, I hung them with gold thread. 

What a sweet little flock:

I thought about spray painting the hoop white, but once I had finished hanging everything, I decided it looked nice and natural the way it was…. what do you think?

I must say… it does hold his attention a whole lot longer than the boring old ceiling. 

I hope he likes his new view!


Nobody puts baby in the corner…

But, I did!  Yup.  My sweet little boy is wedged between a dresser and a wall now that he’s sharing a room with his sister.  I wanted to make a simple bedskirt that didn’t involve too much skill since I’m still pretty new at sewing… I didn’t need much fabric- just enough to cover the front and one side of his crib.  I used about 1 yd of some new fabric that I love.  I did a quick measure, sewed two panels together, and then hemmed the bottom. 

I used this fun stuff to tape it to the mattress frame…


The result:

The mattress is set at the highest setting since Grant is still little, but when I have to change it to the lowest setting, the skirt will hit the floor.  I didn’t want Ellery to feel left out, and since I had more fabric, I made her a matching pillow for her bed.